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The Exodus is the founding, or etiological, myth of Israel; its message is that the Israelites were delivered from slavery by Yahweh and ...

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Mt. Sinai in Arabia: The Exodus Route Restored! Proving the exodus route from the Bible: An Analysis of scriptural evidences.

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Directly below is a master summary table of the Exodus journey. There is a second table that itemizes the distances and travel rates. Exodus Route Calendar  ...

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Overview map (Click on photo for high resolution). Click to View Satellite map ( Click on photo for high resolution). Click to View. Exodus locations: Click to View  ...

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Various exodus route choices rejected and exposed. Rejected Red Sea Crossing points: REJECTED: Nuweiba Beach: The impossible crossing As proposed by ...

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Map of the Route of the Hebrews from Egypt. This map shows the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt to the Promised Land under the leadership of Moses.

New Evidence from Egypt on the Location of the Exodus Sea Crossing


Aug 23, 2008 ... Rameses (Ex 12:37; Nm 33:3) was the starting point of the Exodus. ... Instead, they took a route southeast to Succoth in the Wadi Tumilat, ...

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The route of the Exodus has been hotly debated. Since there are no archaeological artifacts from the Exodus itself and place names seldom match places ...

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Exodus Route - What route did Moses take as he led the Hebrew Exodus out of Egypt? What are the typically held views and what are the facts?

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The discoveries of Ron Wyatt pertaining to the Exodus account and journey of of ... across the Gulf of Aqaba, (see map) let's begin their entire route to the sea.