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The Exodus


edit]. The "Admonitions of Ipuwer" dates from the end of the 13th Dynasty (1770- 1650 BCE), or, more probably, from the Second ...

The Exodus from Egypt


The Exodus from Egypt. Map of possible routes out of Egypt. According to the Bible, many Hebrews had gone down into. Egypt because there was a famine.

Israel's Exodus from Egypt : Christian Courier


One of the great scenes of Old Testament history is the exodus of Israel from Egyptian bondage. In this article, we wish to consider four aspects of this epochal  ...

Exodus: History or Mythic Tale? - My Jewish Learning


A biblical scholar reviews the historical claims of the biblical book of Exodus. ... The Book of Genesis ends with the story of Jacob going down to Egypt with his ...

The Israelite Exodus from Egypt


The Israelite Exodus from Egypt, recounted in the Bible, tells of the oppression of the Israelites as slaves in Egypt, their flight from the country led by Moses and ...

IBSS - Biblical Archaeology - Evidence of the Exodus from Egypt


One of the most important discoveries that relate to the time of the Exodus is the Merneptah stele which dates to about 1210 BC. Merneptah, the king of Egypt, ...

Is there evidence of the Exodus from Egypt?


Evidence from ancient Egypt showing the biblical Exodus happened... 2450 B.C.!

Was There an Exodus? » Mosaic


Mar 2, 2015 ... “The truth,” Rabbi Wolpe informed his Los Angeles congregation, “is [that] the way the Bible describes the exodus [from Egypt] is not the way it ...

Evidence for the Exodus - RationalWiki


It is unlikely that the 603,550 adult males plus women and children mentioned in the Exodus story would have gone ...

NOVA | Moses and the Exodus - PBS


Nov 18, 2008 ... Biblical scholar and archeologist Carol Meyers offers a new and surprising view of the iconic exodus from Egypt.

Popular Q&A
Q: What Was The Exodus From Egypt?
A: The Exodus from Egypt was the escape by the Israelites (Jews) from slavery in Egypt. This event was recorded in the Hebrew Bible (the Old Testament of the Chris... Read More »
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Q: What year was the biblical Exodus from Egypt?
A: Traditionally, the Exodus from Egypt is believed to have occurred around 1440 BCE, based on genealogies in the Bible. However, archaeological and historical evi... Read More »
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Q: How many people in the exodus from Egypt?
A: The exact number of isarealites who left Egypt are not known but every slave went after looting the gold of the Egyptians.But every one and all their cattle wen... Read More »
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Q: What date did the israelites exodus from egypt?
A: The date of the Exodus is around 1450 BC, but there is much Read More »
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Q: What proof is there for the Jewish exodus from Egypt?
A: There is little real proof of what is happening in the middle east today. All we have are various competing factions all pointing the finger and accusing each o... Read More »
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