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The Final Solution (German: Endlösung) or the Final Solution to the Jewish Question was a ..... Himmler explained why the Nazi leadership found it necessary to kill Jewish women and children along with the Jewish men. ..... M.E. Sharpe. pp.


I further charge you with submitting to me promptly an overall plan… …for the ... The 'Final solution' was a code name for the murder of all the Jews of Europe.


They used the term “Final Solution” to refer to their plan to annihilate the Jewish people. It is not ... In its entirety, the "Final Solution" called for the murder of all European Jews by gassing, ... Final Solution (Abridged Article) · What is Genocide?


Jan 19, 2002 ... In the course of the practical implementation of the final solution Europe ... I have no words to describe to you the conditions in which Jews are living. ..... It never occured to me that Hitler's plan involved a return to Paganism ...


The origin of the "Final Solution," the Nazi plan to exterminate the Jewish people, remains uncertain. What is clear is that the genocide of the Jews was the ...


After years of Nazi rule in Germany, during which Jews were consistently persecuted, Hitler's “final solution”–now known as the Holocaust–came to fruition under ...


Jan 7, 2004 ... A final solution is where you shoot her in the face and then gas her. ... Cathy pissed me off today, tonight I will give her the FINAL SOLUTION.


Country in depression / Nation in despair / One man seeking reasons everywhere / Growing hate and anger / The Fuhrer's orders were precise / Who was to be ...


Dec 12, 2016 ... The Nazis used the term Endlösung, or Final Solution, as the “answer” to the “ Jewish question.” But when did this monstrous plan get put in ...


Jul 6, 2013 ... For me the main concern is that many among we Jews would prefer to ... And so the Functionalists explain the Final Solution as a gradual ...