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Power Rule (Powers to Powers): (am)n = amn, this says that to raise a power to a power you need to multiply the exponents. There are several other rules that ...


Exponent rules. Exponent rules, laws of exponent and examples. What is an exponent; Exponents rules; Exponents calculator ...


Introduction to exponent rules including basic product and quotient rules.


The exponent of a number says how many times to use the number in a ... The " Laws of Exponents" (also called "Rules of Exponents") come from three ideas: ...


Covers the basic exponent rules, explaining how to remember them and use them properly, especially to simplify expressions.


PRODUCT RULE: To multiply when two bases are the same, write the base and ... ZERO EXPONENT RULE: Any base (except 0) raised to the zero power is ...


Exponents are used in many algebra problems, so it's important that you understand the rules for working with exponents. Let's go over each rule in detail, and ...


Exponent Rules. Algebra rules and formulas for exponents are listed below. Definitions. 1. an = a·a·a···a (n times). 2. a0 = 1 (a ≠ 0). 3. (a ≠ 0). 4. (a ≥ 0, m ≥ 0, ...


This prealgebra lesson explains the second rule of exponents. (page 1 of 5)


This prealgebra lesson explains the first rule of exponents. (page 1 of 3)