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Suffrage, political franchise, or simply franchise is the right to vote in public, political elections ... In the United States, some states such as California and Washington have ... The word suffr...

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In the U.S., the term "extending the franchise" means giving more people the right to vote.

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Noncitizen Voting Rights: Extending the. Franchise in the United States. The author thanks the Aspen. Roundtable on Comprehensive. Community Initiatives, the.

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This meant, at the time, that only white Protestant males who owned property could vote. Not women ... EXTENDING THE FRANCHISE. Throughout the 19th century, politics in the United States became, slowly but inexorably, more inclusive.

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the right to vote, esp in public elections; franchise. 2. the exercise of ... The meaning "right to vote" is first found in the U.S. Constitution, 1787. ... In the United States, the term is often associated with the women's movement to win voting rights.

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Feb 6, 2007 ... When first established – in England, the United States, France, Spain, and the ... extend franchise as a response to the declining viability or legitimacy of the .... from a social to a legal concept, meant replacing these vague ...

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Each attempt to extend the franchise in England has met both with strong ... well known campaign was waged by those wishing to extend the vote to women.

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The United States was the world leader in allowing popular participation in ... New York acted similarly in 1821 when its legislature extended the franchise to ...

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Every state in the United States legally bars non-citizens from voting in national or .... Others simply refer to “all inhabitants of a governed community,” meaning those .... the benefits to the nation that would result from extending the franchise.

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African Americans exercised the franchise and held office in many Southern states ... Social and economic segregation were added to black America's loss of  ...

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"Extending the franchise" in the U.S. meant giving more people the right to vote. ... What does extending the franchise in the United states mean? In the U.S., the ...

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forced to extend the franchise because of the threat of revolution. We argue that .... actions taken by the elite when the state is µ 5 µh or µl, and P 5 E. (elite in ...... meant ''handing the country over to the Trade Unions and the rule of numbers ...

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expansion of the franchise to include almost all citizens eighteen years of ... Property qualifications usually were low and land was cheap, which meant that ... America. For example, Virginia required only twenty-five acres of settled land or .... example, New Mexico did not extend the franchise to Native Americans until 1962.