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Lists of extinct animals

Jump to: navigation, search. The following are lists of extinct animals by region. ... List of extinct animals of Martinique and Guadeloupe · List of extinct animals of ...

11 Extinct Animals & Lost Species Gone Forever - Popular Mechanics

Mar 19, 2015 ... Recently extinct animals include birds, frogs, butterflies, tigers and more. See pictures of animals that have disappeared recently.

6 Extinct Animals That Could Be Brought Back to Life - LiveScience

Mar 15, 2013 ... There are some extinct species — such as the woolly mammoth, shown above — that may be brought back to life if scientists can overcome ...
Paleontologists are there to help you search for new fossils and recreate extinct animals in the Extinct Research Lab. "Zoo Tycoon 2 Extinct Animals" Features: First-person tranquilizer mode used when capture escaped dinosaurs. "Zoo Tycoon 2 Extinct Animals" Quick Revi... More »
By Scott Marriott, Guide

Here's Every Single Animal That Became Extinct In The Last 100 ...

Sep 16, 2014 ... Fish, birds, mammals, reptiles -- they all made this list, sadly, of extinct animals we've lost in the last 100 years.

10 Extraordinary Extinct Animals - Listverse

Jan 25, 2015 ... Mother Nature and humankind have obliterated countless species. Survival of the fittest has led to the extinction of some rather astounding ...

Top Ten Extinct Animals | OneKind

Here we have listed 10 animals that are now extinct, find out the reasons why. Animals&v=aGjWHCWBwV8
Feb 12, 2015 ... Many scientists have considered the possibility of bringing animals back from extinction through a process called “de-extinction.” In choosing ...

Extinct Species at Bagheera

Choose any of the Extinct Species below for further study and review. ... Pleistocene Megafauna: Fifteen thousand years ago giant animals roamed the North ...

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Q: How to Draw Extinct Animals.
A: 1. Choose an extinct animal to draw. 2. Find images and descriptions of the animal you have chosen, using reference books or an Internet search. If images are u... Read More »
Q: What are examples of extinct animals?
A: dodos pandas and dinosaurs Read More »
Q: What are three extinct animals?
A: Well there are many, here are three examples. 1. Dinosaurs. 2.DoDo bird. 3.Mamoths. mammoths, dodo birds, and the quagga. Read More »
Q: What are more extinct animals?
A: Some extinct animals are the Quagga, Tasmanian Wolf, Turanian Tiger, Caspian Tiger, Read More »
Q: What is the newest extinct animal?
A: The most recent extinct animal is the Baiji River Dolphin. The dolphin was Read More »