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A thermophile is an organism—a type of extremophile—that thrives at relatively high ... Thermophiles are found in various geothermally heated regions of the Earth, such as ... Thermophiles can survive at high temperatures, whereas other bacteria ... extreme conditions, noted that DNA exchange likely plays a role in repair of ...


A hyperthermophile is an organism that thrives in extremely hot environments— from 60 °C (140 °F) upwards. An optimal temperature for the existence of hyperthermophiles is above 80 ... Some bacteria can live at temperatures higher than 100 °C at large depths in sea where water does not boil because of high pressure.


Extremely high temperatures will most likely be found here? Extremely ... Which state of matter exists at the extremely high temperatures found in stars? Plasma.


At a certain high temperature, some enzymes denature which in turn, slows the reaction. ... Extremely high temperatures will most likely be found here?


Which factor is most likely to have contributed to high fertility rate in Africa? lack of economic ... Extremely high temperatures will most likely be found here?


If it rises to 100 °F, their body temperature will reach 100 °F. Most of the rest of the animal ... The other factor—body shape—comes into play here. ... and lose heat more slowly, so and they are more likely to be found in colder climates. .... The presence of high concentrations of solutes in the cells allows animals such as ...


Dec 22, 2016 ... The theoretical coupling model constructed here illustrates that the difference ... same species may evolve to have characteristics that are most suitable for ... When the temperature increases to extremely high temperatures, ... For example, Calosi et al. found that populations at low latitudes and altitudes can ...


May 9, 2007 ... "There is the potential for extremely hot summertime temperatures in ... The research found that eastern U.S. summer daily high temperatures that currently average in the low-to-mid-80s (degrees Fahrenheit) will most likely ...


Jul 8, 2010 ... The effects of global warming will be felt sooner than expected, ... Heat waves and extremely high temperatures could be commonplace in the U.S. by ... By 2039, most of the U.S. could experience at least four seasons ... and 2039 – a likely scenario, according to the International Panel on Climate Change.


Reducing the future risk of extreme weather requires reducing greenhouse gas ... changes in temperature or precipitation, but most of the social and economic costs ... BOX 1: Why can't scientists say whether climate change "caused" a given .... In the United States today, a record high temperature is twice as likely to be ...