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Eye color or eye colour is a polygenic phenotypic character determined by two distinct factors: the pigmentation of the eye's iris and the frequency-dependence ...

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Learn about the most common and the most rare eye colors worldwide. Learn how eyes get their color, and where that color is most common in the world.

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Oct 23, 2013 ... Eye Color Statistics. More than half of the United States population were blue eye Caucasians. Now, adds are that a baby born today will have ...

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I think someone else on Quora asked and answered this, but here it is again: brown 55%, blue ... Light eyes are definitely the standard in these northern countries. Sweden, Norway and Denmark all have high percentages of light eyed people.

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As for blue eyes alone... there are better statistics on that too. "According to the same research, pure blue eyes in Europe approach greatest ...

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The percentages of people with various eye colors are unknown for many countries. However, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, ...

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Aug 8, 2016 ... People are born with different eye colors and some eye colors are truly unique. Let's take a look at eye color percentages in the world.

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So, how are they defining "light" hair here? Same with "Light eyes?" I am not sure why they are doing this...and then further separating out ...

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Part of the appeal of green eyes may be their rarity. Reliable statistics of the distribution of eye colors are difficult to find, but some sources put the worldwide ...

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Jan 26, 2016 ... Eye Color. U.S. Percent. Blue / Grey Irises, 32%. Blue / Grey / Green Irises with Brown / Yellow Specks, 15%. Green / Light Brown Irises with ...