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8mm f/4 Fisheye - Duclos Lenses


Description Tech Specs More Info The Duclos 8mm f/4 Fisheye lens is designed specifically for vigorous conditions. With a fixed, reinforced focus, the Duclos 8.

Milvus ZF.2 50mm f/1.4 Distagon - Duclos Lenses


Description Cine-Mod® PRO Tech Specs More Info The redesigned ZEISS Milvus 1.4/50 corresponds to the perspective of the human eye on full-frame cameras ...

Cine-Mod by Duclos Lenses


Converting the ZF.2 primes from Nikon F to Canon EF allows the all manual operation of the ZF.2 lenses to be used on a wide range of cameras. The ZE version ...

Milvus ZF.2 85mm f/1.4 Planar - Duclos Lenses


Description Cine-Mod® PRO Tech Specs More Info The redesigned ZEISS Milvus 1.4/85 lens is particularly suitable for portrait photography. This lens is an  ...

Milvus ZF.2 35mm f/2.0 Distagon - Duclos Lenses


Description Cine-Mod® PRO Tech Specs More Info The Distagon T*2/35 is a medium wide-angle lens, ideal to capture any scene in all its natural brilliance ...

Zeiss Primes - Duclos Lenses


Otus ZF.2 55mm f/1.4 Apo Distagon from $3,990.00 ... Classic ZF.2 15mm f/2.8 Distagon from $2,950.00 ... Classic ZE 18mm f/3.5 Distagon from $1,395.00.

Otus ZF.2 55mm f/1.4 Apo Distagon - Duclos Lenses


Description Cine-Mod Tech Specs More Info Is a focal length of 55 mm always neither here nor there? A lacklustre lens somewhere between the excitement of ...

Classic ZF.2 50mm f/1.4 Planar - Duclos Lenses


This lens produces pleasing portrait style quality at the widest aperture and sharpens considerably beyond f/4 for any general purpose application.

Batis 85mm f/1.8 Sonnar - Duclos Lenses


Description Cine-Mod® Tech Specs More Info Thanks to a speed of 1:1.8, very low depths of field can be used creatively. The optical image stabilization allows f .

Milvus ZF.2 21mm f/2.8 Distagon - Duclos Lenses


Description Cine-Mod® PRO Tech Specs More Info The Distagon T* 2,8/21 is a super wide-angle lens and is the leader in its range. Thanks to its aperture of 2.8  ...

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Zeiss Milvus ZE Primes - Duclos Lenses Cine-Mod


21mm f/2.8, 35mm f/2.0, 50mm f/2.0. 50mm f/1.4, 85mm f/1.4, 100mm f/2.0 ... Classic ZF.2 25mm f/2.8 Distagon from $1,004.00 · Classic ZF.2 28mm f/2.0 ...

50mm f/0.95 Speedmaster - Duclos Lenses


The Mitakon (Zhongyi) 50mm f/0.95 Speedmaster is an ultra fast prime lens with manual focus and de-clicked aperture movement, perfect for motion picture ...

Duclos 70-180mm T3 - Duclos Lenses


Description Tech Specs Conversion Delivery More Info Based on the venerable Leica 70-180mm f/2.8. The all new housing designed by Duclos Lenses was ...