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8mm f/4 Fisheye - Duclos Lenses


Description Tech Specs More Info The Duclos 8mm f/4 Fisheye lens is designed specifically for vigorous conditions. With a fixed, reinforced focus, the Duclos 8.

50mm f/0.95 Speedmaster - Duclos Lenses


The Mitakon (Zhongyi) 50mm f/0.95 Speedmaster is an ultra fast prime lens with manual focus and de-clicked aperture movement, perfect for motion picture ...

Frederic Duclos - Silver Extraordinaire | Sterling Jewelry for Women


Frederic Duclos - Silver Extraordinaire - custom made wearable art pieces with value, sterling jewelry for women.

Zeiss Otus 55mm f/1.4 with Duclos Cine-Mod - Quick First Look on ...


Nov 12, 2013 ... Special thanks to Duclos Lenses for this quick look.

Lhermitte-Duclos disease: assessment with MR imaging, positron ...


Klisch J(1), Juengling F, Spreer J, Koch D, Thiel T, Büchert M, Arnold S, Feuerhake F, Schumacher M. Author information: (1)Department of Neuroradiology, ...

[FS: OPTICS] Zeiss Milvus ZF.2 21mm F/2.8 Distagon Duclos Mod ...


Location: Pittsburgh, PA specs: pictures of my actual lens: https://www.dropbox. com/sh/ixlgplq176t4mva/AADEE94nZudYct4LvUeFSUdia?dl=0 ...

Duclos PL 80-200mm f/2.8 Rental – www.thecinelens.com


Oct 9, 2011 ... Duclos PL 80-200mm f/2.8 Rental. I have to start this post by clarifying that this is NOT our project 70-200mm conversion. We developed a ...

Duclos 8mm f/4 Fisheye Lens | Cinescopophilia


May 11, 2016 ... Duclos Lenses, a motion picture lens specialty shop, has announced their newest specialty lens – an 8mm f/4 Fisheye lens. The Duclos 8mm ...

Rent Contax / Zeiss 4 Lens Set with Duclos Cine-Mod (MM ...


May 4, 2016 ... Contax / Zeiss 4 Lens Set with Duclos Cine-Mod (MM). Contax / Zeiss ... 85 f/1.4. Click "Read More" below to see the thread about the lens test:.

Ted Duclos works to improve efficiency in engineering


Jan 10, 2015 ... Duclos preached lean manufacturing for years but rethinking role of machinery ... F-150 team wins Free Press engineering leadership award.

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Classic ZF.2 Pro Set - Duclos Lenses


Classic ZF.2 25mm f/2.0 Distagon from $1,699.00 · Classic ZF.2 25mm f/2.8 ... f/ 2.0 Distagon from $1,283.00 · Classic ZF.2 35mm f/1.4 Distagon from $1,843.00 ...

Classic ZF.2 50mm f/1.4 Planar - Duclos Lenses


This lens produces pleasing portrait style quality at the widest aperture and sharpens considerably beyond f/4 for any general purpose application.

Duclos Lenses 8mm f/4 fisheye lens for drone and VR applications


May 5, 2016 ... US bespoke lens maker Duclos has announced a new specialty optic made primarily for drone and VR applications that requires exacting ...