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Democratic Republic of the Congo et al. ... Instance, In the High Court of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region / FG Hemisphere Associates LLC [HK] v.

Lessons Learned from the FG Hemisphere vs DRC and Huatianlong ...


The case of FG Hemisphere Associates LLC v. Democratic of the ... Kong Court of Final Appeal heard the appeal, the DRC remained indebted to FG ... owned mining company La Generale des Carriers et des Mines, a Mr G K. Banika and a  ...

Case analysis: Democratic Republic of the Congo and Ors v FG ...


Jun 17, 2011 ... In Democratic Republic of the Congo and Ors v FG Hemisphere Associates LLC, the Congolese government asserted its immunity from the ...

58. U.S. brief, Rubin v. Islamic Republic of Iran - US Department of ...


JENNY RUBIN, et al.,. Plaintiffs-Appellees, v. THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN, .... FG Hemisphere Associates, LLC v. ... LLC v. Democratic Republic of Congo,.



Dec 6, 2016 ... FG HEMISPHERE ASSOCIATES LLC v. ... Mr Barlow SC for the DRC points out that the decision of this Court was directed at the ... albeitin a different context, Montreal Tramways Co v Creely et al [1949] SCR 197 at p. 199.

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www.law.ntu.edu.tw/ntulawreview/articles/9_2/1_Article-Chien-Huei Wu _197-232_.pdf

Democratic Republic of the Congo v. FG Hemisphere Associates LLC, [2011] H.K.E.C. 747 ...... SCHREUER 302, 309 (Christina Binder et al. eds., 2009). 72.

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Parsons & Whittemore Overseas Co. v Societe Generale de l'Industrie du .... FG Hemisphere Associates LLC [HK] v. Democratic Republic of the Congo et al.

Starving the Vultures: NML Capital v. Republic of Argentina and ...


Dec 1, 2014 ... Republic of Argentina and Solutions to the Problem of ..... 26. See Schumacher et al., supra note 23, at 3. ... 34 The DRC, for instance, reportedly faces ... based vulture fund named FG Hemisphere Associates or FG Capital ..... Peter Grossman , Managing Dir., FG Hemisphere Assocs., LLC, FG Hemisphere.

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Dec 1, 2011 ... In A v B, a barrister acting as sole arbitrator in a dispute between A and B ..... ECtHR, Judgment of 27 September 2011; Affaire Malhas et Autres c. ..... See Abaclat et al. v. ..... years of efforts by FG Hemisphere Associates, LLC (“ Hemisphere”), ... Hemisphere obtained two arbitration awards against the DRC.

Enforcement of Arbitral Awards and Defence of Sovereignty: The ...


Hemisphere Associates LLC and Democratic Republic of Congo and others ... Republic of Congo (DRC) at the enforcement stage when an arbitral award was ... opposing party has successfully argued its case; this is because Article V of the NYC ... Omnium de traitement et de valorization (OTV) Revue de l'arbitrage Vol.