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National Federation of the Blind (NFB), et al. v. Target Corporation. Click here for case documents DRA Case Sets First Precedent in the Country Regarding ...


Court allows National Federation of the Blind to proceed with Americans with Disabilities Act claims arising out of the alleged failure of Target Corporation to ...


Parties, docket activity and news coverage of federal case Murphy et al v. Target Corporation et al, case number 3:09-cv-01436, from California Southern Court.


These were the ASHA Quality of Communication Life (QCL) scale (Paul et al., 2004), ... (VHI; Jacobson et al., 1997), the Voice-Related Quality of Life (V-RQOL) scale ... of what the instrument purports to measure, the target populations indicated by .... Instruments such as the ASHA FACS (Frattali et al., 1995) and the CETI ...


1999; Wojtaszewski et al. ... by GLUT4 in mediating the actions of insulin in peripheral target tissues (Zisman et al. ... we also evaluated the IR signaling pathway in MKR versus wild-type mice. ..... [PubMed]; Frattali AL, Treadway JL, Pessin JE.


Jun 28, 2011 ... 1996; Hodges and Patterson 1996; Clark et al. 2005). .... by significantly greater difficulty naming living, compared to nonliving, items (18/32 vs.


upon the target cell (Rosen, 1987), mutations that alter the tyrosine kinase domain ... most previously described patients (Cama et al., 1991, 1992;. Yamamoto-Honda et al., ..... 1 ml of NaDodS04 (0.1%, w/v) solution for 30 min at 37 "C. An equal volume (1 ml) of ...... 1992; Treadway et al., 1989; Frattali et aL, 1992). Finally,.


Jan 5, 2017 ... Each year nearly 800,000 individuals suffer a stroke (Winstein et al., 2016) .... of Communication Skills for Adults (ASHA-FACS, Frattali et al., 1995), which ... was the target stimulus presented auditorily (Repeat Audio Stimulus) (e.g., ..... may have diluted the effects of using fewer cues vs. using many cues.


supranuclear eye movement disorder (Litvan et al., 1996a). Mobility ..... blind trial (Frattali et al., 1999). .... delivered to specific target areas of the brain, could protect .... Federico F, Simone IL, Lucivero V, De Mari M, Giannini P, Iliceto G, et al.


described in detail in previous publications (Golper et al., 2001; Kennedy et al., 2002; Sohlberg et al., 2003). ... The target population members were children, adolescents, and adults with cognitively- .... Summary of tests vs. criteria. Table 5 .... Golper, L. C., Wertz, R. T., Frattali, C. M., Yorkston, K. M., Myers, P., Katz, R., et al.