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National Federation of the Blind v. Target Corporation, 452 F.Supp.2d 946 (2006) , was a class ... specifically Title III's provisions prohibiting discrimination by " places of public accommodation" (42 U.S.C. 12181 et seq) apply to websites and/  ...


National Federation of the Blind (NFB), et al. v. Target Corporation. Click here for case documents DRA Case Sets First Precedent in the Country Regarding ...


Court allows National Federation of the Blind to proceed with Americans with Disabilities Act claims arising out of the alleged failure of Target Corporation to ...


Apr 13, 2006 ... An additional subtype that is not generally used as a subcategory of FTLD, called “logopenic progressive aphasia” (Weintraub et al., 1990; ...


Apr 27, 2016 ... However, M. bovis is refractory to ß-lactams and to all antimicrobials that target the cell wall. ... proteins (Lysnyansky et al., 1996) and form biofilms (McAuliffe et al., 2006). .... However, their MIC90 values differed considerably (0.5−1 vs. .... a position converting to resistance in E. coli (Frattali et al., 1990).


Aug 5, 2010 ... fusion of HH in 11 studies of 8 patients (21.4 ± 10.3 vs. 12.3 ± 7.3 ... be the target for SRT. We suggest ... et al., 2009) of the HH interface zone accomplished seizure ..... function can cause cognitive impairment (Frattali et al.,.


Paul, Frattali, Holland, Thompson, Caperton, &. Slater ... various stakeholders (as described in Kagan et al.,. 2008). .... 25% was assumed; thus, a recruitment target was ..... Table V. Correlation (Pearson ' s) between domain scores and total.


described in detail in previous publications (Golper et al., 2001; Kennedy et al., 2002; Sohlberg et al., 2003). ... The target population members were children, adolescents, and adults with cognitively- .... Summary of tests vs. criteria. Table 5 .... Golper, L. C., Wertz, R. T., Frattali, C. M., Yorkston, K. M., Myers, P., Katz, R., et al.


The structure shows an antiparallel “inverted V” arrangement (Fig. ... In this disulfide-linked symmetric dimer (apo—no insulin) (McKern et al. ... occurs within the dimer rather than through higher-order oligomerization (Frattali et al. ..... have identified Grb10 as a downstream phosphorylation target of mTORC1 (Hsu et al.