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Jan 30, 2016 ... You can be confident someone's lying to you when you see a combination of these facial expressions.


Nov 2, 2015 ... An Interview with Dr. Ekman by Yahoo Health: 5 Signs of Lying That Aren't ... of his research in developing a complete list of facial expressions).


How to Detect Lies. Looking at the facial expressions of a person to determine whether or not he or she is lying might just save you from being a victim of fraud.


A microexpression is a brief, involuntary facial expression that is shown on the face ... Dr. Paul Ekman, whose research is the premise of the show Lie to Me, has  ...


We can spot a lie with only 54% accuracy. In order to protect yourself from dishonest people I want to explain how to tell if someone is lying to you.


These well-known and instantly recognizable facial expressions are but a few ... or “lie” verdict, trained liespotters can glean much from careful study of the face.


Jan 27, 2016 ... Facial micro expressions are a universal system — everybody has them. Dr. Paul Ekman has done groundbreaking research on decoding the ...

Apr 28, 2015 ... What details do you need to pay attention to when spotting a lie.


Dec 30, 2014 ... The greatest expert in the area Paul Ekman has stressed facial clues to deceit and how facial expressions can serve a lie, but also provide ...