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Fear is a natural response to a disturbing or threatening situation. When a fear becomes irrational, it is known as a phobia.
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Oct 27, 2016 ... Underneath your fears lie great opportunities. Because when you start doing the things that scare you the most, tearing down the invisible ...


FACING YOUR FEARS: EXPOSURE. An important step in managing anxiety involves facing feared situations, places or objects. It is normal to want to avoid the ...


Sep 18, 2017 ... Rather than sit on the sidelines and let your fears control your life, use ... feeling embarrassed, being ignored and facing rejection or failure.


Sep 15, 2013 ... Other recent research on courage, which has shown that's it's not just about facing fear, but also about coping with risk and uncertainty (as ...


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Oct 10, 2014 ... Anxiety can stop you in your tracks and hold you back. It's not easy to face your fears and push through them, but it's essential.


In this section we address things you can do on your own to work with fear and anxiety. We do not cover the ... Facing Fear & Anxiety Home · Impact of fear and ...


Jun 18, 2015 ... As a psychotherapist, anxiety disorders—especially phobias—are my favorite problem to treat. When people step into my office with a ...


Aug 5, 2017 ... What is a step you can take to start facing your fear? Imagine the worst-case scenario and convince yourself that your fear is irrational.