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25 AMAZING Facts About Left Handed People - LeftyFretz.com


25 facts about left handed people - from the scientific, to the interesting, to the downright bizarre! Click here to read.

13 Facts About Left-Handed People That You Didn't Know - BrainJet ...


Left-handed people make up 10-12% of the population, but we live in a ... Since most people are not part of the lefty-club, here are 13 little-known facts you ...

Left-Handed Facts: 17 Facts about Left-Handed People ...


Left-Handed Facts: did you know that... 10% of the world's population is left- handed?

Left-Handed Health Facts - Health.com


The brains and bodies of lefties may operate differently than those of right- handed people (and in mixed-handed people, who may have different dominant  ...

Here Are 23 Facts About Left-Handed People That You ... - SlipTalk


Click to read 23 left-handed facts. Who knew there were so many differences between right and left handed people? Some of these may give you a headache.

Advantages of being left handed | Anything Left-Handed


Left handers have many advantages in life but have to put up with some ... your left handedness, bring up one of these facts that show that being left handed just  ...

20 Little-Known Facts About Being Left-Handed | TIME


Oct 31, 2015 ... Scientists aren't exactly sure why some people are left-handed, but they ... In fact, identical twins, who share the same genes, can sometimes ...

18 Mind Blowing Facts about Left-handed People You Must Know


Aug 18, 2015 ... Here, you'll get to know a lot about left handed people. Some of the facts will scare and leave you breathless while others will greatly fascinate ...

10 Weird Things About Being Left-Handed - Listverse


Sep 6, 2014 ... For many people, being left-handed means there are a lot of little, everyday ... In fact, the Bible makes special mention of left-handed warriors, ...

12 Surprising Facts About Left-Handed People | Babble


Aug 12, 2013 ... What you didn't know about southpaws. These fascinating facts about left-handed people are sure to surprise you!

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Left-Handers and Health Risks: 12 Little-Known Facts - Everyday ...


Are lefties more creative? And do southpaws really have the upper hand in sports ? Here are 11 things you should know about left-handers.

What Being Left-Handed Says About Your Personality


Aug 20, 2015 ... Most people (righties and lefties alike) rely on the brain's left hemisphere for .... “ The fact that left-handers are less common means they have a ...

56 Facts about Left-Handedness & Left-Handed People


Jul 31, 2011 ... Between 10-12% of people on earth are “lefties.” Women are more likely to be right-handed than men by about 4 percentage points.<sup>i</sup>; August ...