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Rome is a city and special comune (named Roma Capitale) in Italy. Rome is the capital of Italy ...... Despite the fact that Rome is home to the Vatican City and St. Peter's Basilica, Rome's ...

Ten Facts About Ancient Rome - National Geographic Kids


Join us here at NG Kids as we check out ten facts about the Ancient Romans! Find out when Rome was founded, what the Ancient Romans built, what they wore ...

Roman Facts: 39 Facts about Ancient Rome ←FACTSlides→


Roman Facts: did you know that... The Ancient Rome civilization began on the Italian Peninsula as early as the 8th century BC?

10 surprising facts about the Romans | History Extra


Oxford historian Harry Sidebottom shares 10 surprising facts about the Romans. This article ... 19th-century coloured engraving of gladiators in ancient Rome.

Top 10 Amazing Facts About Ancient Rome - AncientHistoryLists


Top 10 amazing facts about Ancient Rome that you might not known about. Urine taxation system, phallus charm are some amazing facts of Ancient Rome.

Rome Facts, information, pictures | Encyclopedia.com articles about ...


Rome Ital. Roma, city (1991 pop. 2775250), capital of Italy and see of the pope, ... Encyclopedia.com -- Online dictionary and encyclopedia of facts, information, ...

Ancient Roman History for Kids - Fun Facts to Learn


Understanding people in the past can be fun, learning about ancient Rome is interesting and enjoyable. Some kings like Lucius were not very popular and ...

15 Truly Bizarre Facts About Ancient Rome - BuzzFeed


Apr 23, 2013 ... 15 Truly Bizarre Facts About Ancient Rome. Ancient Romans did everything from drinking gladiator blood to washing clothes in urine.

Facts About the City of Rome, Italy | USA Today


Rome—or Roma in Italian—is the capital city of Italy. It is also the largest city in the country. The city is famed for its history, architecture and food.

History: Ancient Rome for Kids - Ducksters


Kids learn about the civilization and history of Ancient Rome including the Roman Republic, Empire, art, religion, army, daily ... Fun Facts about Ancient Rome.

Rome Travel Information and Travel Guide
No other city comes close. It may no longer be caput mundi (capital of the world), but Rome is an epic, bubbling-over metropolis harbouring lost empires. One visit and you'll be hooked. Rome has a ... More »
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30 Interesting Facts about Rome, Italy | Around Rome Tours


Sep 9, 2014 ... 1.Rome was founded in 753 BC by Romulus. Roman legend says that Romulus had a twin brother called Remus. As babies they were ...

93 Random Facts about Rome - Random History


Mar 7, 2009 ... Interesting facts about Rome, including its origins, influences, traditions, myths, and legends.

10 Fun Facts about Ancient Rome for Kids (plus cool places to visit)


Feb 19, 2014 ... Ancient Rome has always been interesting for kids, and Rome today is a cool, kid -friendly place to visit. Our fun facts about ancient Rome + ...