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11 Facts About Guns | DoSomething.org | Volunteer for Social Change


Since January of 2013, support for gun rights has increased from 45% to 52% and the percentage prioritizing gun control has fallen five points (from 51% to ...

21 Unbelievable Facts About Guns in America | The Fiscal Times


Jan 7, 2016 ... As the gun control debate rages on in Washington, below are 19 facts that help explain how guns factor in to American life. 31: Percentage of ...

Guns in America | Facts and statistics about firearms in the USA


Nations with strict gun control laws have substantially higher murder rates than those who do not in general. In fact, the 9 European nations with the lowest gun ...

11 essential facts about guns and mass shootings in the United ...


States with stricter gun control laws have fewer deaths from gun-related violence. preventionEDIT. In 2011, economist Richard ...

Cruz's Gun Control Deception - FactCheck.org


Apr 20, 2016 ... There is no evidence that gun control laws result in higher murder rates. In fact, studies suggest the opposite: States with a higher number of ...

Issues gun control - FactCheck.org


Donald Trump distorts the facts when he says “Hillary Clinton wants to take ... “ jurisdictions with the worst murder rates” have “the very strictest gun control laws.

Gun Facts - Debunking Gun Control Myths


Gun Facts is the authority on debunking myths about gun control.

GUN CONTROL FACT-SHEET (2004) | Fact Sheets


Sep 19, 2008 ... Mar 2004. Gun Control Fact-Sheet 2004 / From Gun Owners Foundation. by Gun Owners Foundation 8001 Forbes Place, Suite 102 Springfield, ...

Facts About Guns - The Truth About Guns


The sad truth is that the vast and overwhelming majority of the “facts” used in the current gun control debate are almost completely untrue. And if not untrue, then ...

Gun Control: Myths and Realities | Cato Institute


And when one looks at the facts about gun control, it's easy to see why the anti- gun lobby relies on emotion rather than logic to make its case. Think you know ...

Overview of gun laws by nation
Gun laws and policy vary considerably around the world. Contents. 1 National gun laws by ... Gun politics ..... Main article: Gun politics in the Philippines. More »
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Gun Control – Just Facts


Sep 13, 2010 ... Comprehensive and meticulously documented facts about gun control. Learn about ownership rates, crime, background checks, accidents, ...

Guns in the United States: 5 facts | Pew Research Center


Jan 5, 2016 ... Here are some key facts about gun attitudes from recent Pew ... 3 GOP favored on terrorism, gun control; Democrats lead on climate change ...

The Facts That Neither Side Wants To Admit About Gun Control


Oct 5, 2015 ... Gun control is designed to stop people from killing each other, at least that's what we are always told.