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The tulip is a Eurasian and North African genus of herbaceous, perennial, bulbous plants in the ... The generally cup or star-shaped tulip flower has three petals and three sepals, which are often termed .... The horned tulip is often offered in the trade as "Tulipa acuminata", but is in fact a cultivar, unknown from the wild, and ...


Apr 10, 2015 ... Tulips are one of the most quintessential spring flowers. They're seen often in flower beds, fields and gardens, as well as in table arrangements ...


Jul 16, 2015 ... Tulips are so much more than just a pretty garden flower and these fun facts are proof of that.


Fun Tulip Facts for Kids - Interesting Information about Tulips ... Tulips normally have one flower per stem, however a few species have up to 4 flowers on a ...


Tulip is one of the most beautiful and most popular flowers in the world. There are 75 wild tulip species and over 3000 varieties of tulips created via selective ...


Mar 9, 2015 ... Tulips are my favorite flower. I love all the different colors and the varieties. I have collected some fun facts about tulips. Do you know:


Asides from their beauty, tulips also boasts a somewhat bizarre history... find out the 15 most interesting facts about tulips!


May 6, 2011 ... The father of the Dutch obsession with tulips was botanist Carolus Clusius -- he's said to have popularized the flowers there. He was also the ...


Facts about tulips:Tulips are the third most popular flowers across the world.They continue growing even after removing the flower from the ground.


Tulips - Facts about Tulips, Classification of Tulips, How to Grow Tulips, Care For ... most popular flowers world-wide next only to the Rose and Chrysanthemum.