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May 24, 2016 ... Here's a collection of 10 unexpected, intriguing facts about the stars of our universe - including our sun - that you probably didn't know!

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Jul 3, 2013 ... Of all the celestial objects present in the Universe, the stars have been the most fascinating objects of study. Be it a small kid who can't stop ...

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Here are 25 fascinating facts about stars: 1. Many stars you look at in the night sky seem like single, distant glimmer of light. However that is not the case.

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Facts and information about stars. How do they form, what different kinds of stars are there, how long do they live and what happens when they die? ...

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Collection of interesting and fun star facts for kids. To read this article is a great way to learn stars, we collected facts about stars for adults alike.

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Get information, facts, photos, news, videos, and more about stars from National Geographic.

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Nov 22, 2015 ... With a pair of binoculars, Earth bound observers can see as many as half a million stars, which is still a lot less than the estimated 100 to 200 ...

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Mar 7, 2015 ... The night sky is full of bright stars, galaxies, and mystery too. Science has uncovered a lot about our solar system but we are only on the brink of ...

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Dec 17, 2015 ... Human beings have been making up stories and theories to explain the stars since prehistoric times, and the study of the stars has played a ...

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Dec 16, 2014 ... Learn how stars form, how stars and constellations are named, what happens when stars like our sun evolve, and ultimately, die.

Stars form when dense portions of interstellar medium condense due to gravity.
The collapsing cloud of dust and gas forms a large, hot core that develops into a main sequence star. As these stars decay, they expand, and their later fate depends on the star's original mass. More >>
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Interesting facts about Stars ... Stars radiate energy created from nuclear fusion, which is a process that takes place in a star's core and involves hydrogen fusing  ...

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Dec 24, 2015 ... Think you know everything there is to know about stars? Think again! Here's a list of 10 interesting facts about stars; some you might already ...

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For this post, I sifted through the endless fascinating facts about stars and picked out ... 1) There are an unfathomable number of stars in the observable universe.