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Oct 4, 2013 ... The digestive system has two main functions: to convert food into nutrients your body needs, and to rid the body of waste. To do its job, the ...

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Amazing Facts about the. Digestive System. We eat about 500kg of food per year. 1.7 liters of saliva is produced each day. The esophagus is approximately ...

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The digestive system is responsible for breaking down food we eat into smaller components so that nutrients can be easily absorbed by the body and the waste ...

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The digestive system plays an important role in how human bodies function. Here are fifteen fun facts about the digestive system. The average human being has ...

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Establish habits for good digestive health by learning about your digestive system through this series of fun and interesting facts.

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We make 1 to 3 pints of saliva a day. 3. Muscles contract in waves to move the food down the oesophagus. This means that food would get to a person's stomach ...

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Easy Science for Kids All About Your Digestive System - Its Parts and Functions. Learn more about your Digestive System with our interesting Science Website.

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Think your digestive tract is all about chew, swallow, churn, expel? Your body begs to differ. And according to our 21-Day Tummy book, a better understanding of ...

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A picture of the human digestive system and amazing facts for children and adults.

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Jul 9, 2015 ... While you've probably heard about it, there are a number of things that you likely still don't. Here's 12 digestive system facts!