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The Milky Way is the galaxy that contains our Solar System. The descriptive " milky" is derived from the appearance from Earth of the galaxy – a band of light ... More »


The Milky Way Galaxy is our home galaxy in the universe. It is a fairly typical barred spiral with four major arms in its disk, at least one spur, and a newly ...


Dec 3, 2014 ... The Milky Way Galaxy is an immense and very interesting place. Not only does it measure some 120,000–180,000 light-years in diameter, it is ...


Jun 12, 2017 ... The Milky Way is a barred spiral galaxy, about a hundred light-years across. We live on one of its minor spurs, the Orion Arm.


Nov 26, 2016 ... Peer into our interesting Milky Way facts to learn about our amazing and beautiful ... In fact, the word “galaxy” is from the Greek word for milk.


The Milky Way is the galaxy which contains our solar system. ... Edwin Hubble proved that the Milky Way is in fact just one of billions of galaxies in the universe.


it wasn't until 1923 that Edwin Hubble was finally able to prove that our galaxy was not the whole universe, and that in fact there were hundreds of billions of.


We live in one of the arms of a large spiral galaxy called the Milky Way. The Sun and its planets (including Earth) lie in this quiet part of the galaxy, about half ...


The Milky Way has for so many centuries baffled scientists and philosophers the world over. This galaxy is our home; it encompasses our planet, our solar ...


Mar 12, 2008 ... So you've lived here all your life — in fact, everyone has — but what do you really know about the Milky Way galaxy? Sure, you know it's a ...