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Get The Facts: Ten Fast Facts about Trapping. The United States catches more animals from the wild for the fur trade than any other country in the world.

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Learn the real truth about trapping. Don't believe the false information provided by animal rights groups.

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Trapping. The main trapping nations are the USA, Russia and Canada. Information about the exact numbers and the types of animals being trapped is very hard ...

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trapping, most broadly, the use of mechanical or deceptive devices to capture, kill , or injure animals. It may be applied to the practice of using birdlime to capture ...

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The traps are designed to crush animals in a vice like grip rather than kill them ... MORE FACTS ON TRAPPING ... The Fur-bearer Defenders Fact Sheet ...

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Every time an animal is trapped for its fur, approximately two "non-target" animals are ... The steel jaw leg-hold trap is the most common kind of trap used by fur ...

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Facts and fiction about trapping in Nevada. ... In the world of nature a trapped animal is often treated much more humanely by a trapper than how that same ...

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Each Year, approximately 50 million animals raised on fur farms around the world, ... The steel-jaw trap violently clamps down on the animal's leg, leaving the  ...

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In fact, trapping disrupts wildlife populations by killing healthy animals needed to keep their species strong, and populations are further damaged when the ...

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Fur Fact 2: Eighty-five percent of the fur industry's skins come from animals ... of all fur sold in the U.S. comes from animals killed in steel-jaw traps, which are ...

Animal trapping, or simply trapping, is the use of a device to remotely catch an animal. Animals may be trapped for a variety of purposes, including food, the fur ... More »
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Get The Facts: Exposing the Myths: The Truth about Trapping. Each year, more than 4 million animals are trapped and killed for their fur in the United States.

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Jan 14, 2012 ... Introduction We at Wildlife Damage Control have no problem with developing traps and techniques that reduce animal pain and injury.

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FACT: Foothold traps apply pressure to two sides of an animals foot, and this causes numbness. Several blood chemistry changes also occur to foothold trapped ...