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Use the links below to research information about animal safety legislation, reporting animal abuse and cruelty, and animal shelters in the United States.
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Animal Cruelty Facts and Stats : The Humane Society of the United ...


Aug 31, 2015 ... Facts, statistics, and trends of animals abused in the U.S.. ... Based on the 1,423 U.S. cruelty cases on pet-abuse.com's 2011 digest in which ...

23 Fascinating Dog Abuse Facts and Statistics | BrandonGaille.com


Oct 30, 2014 ... Sometimes there can be a fine line between discipline and abuse, but not very often. Dogs might be man's best friend, but they don't have the ...

Animal Cruelty Facts | CanineJournal.com


Apr 29, 2015 ... Animal cruelty is not just a dog chained to a fence or fighting rings. ... Animal cruelty includes but is not limited to abuse, neglect, animal testing, ...

11 Facts About Animal Cruelty | DoSomething.org | Volunteer for ...


Puppy mills are large-scale commercial dog breeding operations that put greater priority on profits than the health of the puppies. Many dogs are plagued with ...

Dog Abuse Facts | Cruelty Stats and Information | The Dog Fact Center


Detailed information regarding puppy and dog abuse and neglect facts, statistics and truths of how canines suffer at the hands of humans.

Dog Abuse Facts - Vetinfo.com


Dog abuse doesn't just include the cut-and-dried example of a person physically beating a dog. There are a number of methods of abuse to dogs, including from ...

25 Facts About Animal Cruelty | EMPTY ALL CAGES


Sep 13, 2012 ... Posted in: ANIMAL CRUELTY FACT LISTS, CATS, DOG FIGHTING, DOGS, ... common forms of companion animal abuse in the United States.

Animal Neglect Facts | Animal Legal Defense Fund


To stop the repeating cycle of abuse, sentencing orders should include psychological ... Facilities that are exempt include: retail pet stores, direct sellers, hobby ...

Pet Statistics | ASPCA


Pet Statistics. How many pets are in the United States? How many animals are in shelters? Facts about U.S. Animal Shelters: There are about 13,600 community ...