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Stax Records is an American record label, originally based in Memphis, Tennessee. Founded in 1957 as Satellite Records, the label changed its name to Stax ...

Alterations of cAMP-dependent signaling in dystrophic skeletal muscle


Oct 17, 2013 ... Next, Akaaboune et al. demonstrated that AChR is recycled to the ... at postsynaptic membrane vs. endocytose; recycle vs. degrade) and ... αCGRP was found to raise postsynaptic cAMP levels in the PKA-RIα microdomain (Röder et al ., ...... A. L., Cameron T. O., Hallock P. T., Gomez A. M., Huang J. H., et al.

Excitation mapping with the organic cation AGB2+ - ScienceDirect


Molecule shapes were generate as SMILES strings (see Weininger et al., 1989; .... cell (BC) → amacrine and ganglion cell (AC,GC) signaling chains depend on .... molecular phenotyping (CMP) visualization technologies (Marc & Cameron, .... Bottom: the same sets of cells visualized as a bivariate AGB vs GABA density ...

Oncogene - Gene expression profiling of ErbB receptor and ligand ...


Dec 1, 2003 ... Earlier work by Fambrough et al. ... 2a, which engage a common receptor (da Silva et al., 2002). ... Differences in signaling targets of homo- versus heterodimeric ..... Hobbs SS, Coffing SL, Le AT, Cameron EM, Williams EE, Andrew M, .... PubMed |; Tseng GC, Oh MK, Rohlin L, Liao JC and Wong WH.

Full Text (PDF) - Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences


May 9, 1986 ... Hepes, Mes, ovalbumin (grade V), UDP-galactose,and ATP .... tion using a modification of the procedure described by Knipe et al. ..... reticulum (te) and the stacked Golgi cisternae, (Gc), which appear dilated and extensively fragmented. ... Rotundo, R. L. & Fambrough, D. M. (1980) Cell 22, 595-602. 6.

The glial growth factors deficiency and synaptic destabilization ...


BMC PsychiatryBMC series ¿ open, inclusive and trusted20022:8. DOI: 10.1186/ 1471-244X-2-8. © Moises et al; licensee BioMed Central Ltd. 2002. Received: 9 ...

Ca*+ Stores in Purkinje Neurons: Endoplasmic Reticulum ...


strong et al., 1987) a structure specially suited to mediate a rapid and reversible .... the kind gift of D. Campbell and D. Fambrough (Johns Hopkins Uni- versity, Baltimore ... pieces, which were mildly homogenized in about sixfold (w/v) ice- cold homogenation .... (pm) and an adjacent glial cell process (gc) can be seen in b.

Molecular control of neuromuscular junction development - Springer


Jones G, Meier T, Lichtsteiner M, Witzemann V, Sakmann B, Brenner HR. ... Kim N, Stiegler AL, Cameron TO, Hallock PT, Gomez AM, Huang JH, et al. Lrp4 is ... Tansey MG, Chu GC, Merlie JP. .... Fambrough DM, Drachman DB, Satyamurti S. Neuromuscular junction in myasthenia gravis: decreased acetylcholine receptors .

Growth Factor-specific Signaling Pathway Stimulation and Gene ...


Jun 22, 2001 ... Fambrough D.,; McClure K.,; Kazlauskas A.,; Lander E. S. ... Cameron H. A.,; Hazel T. G.,; McKay R. D. ... Kirk C.,; Hendricks M.,; Danehy F.,; Misumi D.,; Sudhalter J.,; Kobayashi K.,; et al. ... Jones F. E.,; Jerry D. J.,; Guarino B. C.,; Andrews G. C.,; Stern D. F. .... Stambolic V.,; Mak T. W.,; Woodgett J. R..

Excitation mapping with the organic cation AGB - University of Utah


were generate as SMILES strings (see Weininger et al., 1989; also see ... bipolar cell (BC) ! amacrine and ganglion cell (AC,GC) signaling chains depend on intrinsic glutamate release from ..... as previously described (Marc & Cameron, 2002) and .... the same sets of cells visualized as a bivariate AGB vs GABA density.

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The immunoglobulin superfamily in Drosophila melanogaster and ...


The IgSF repertoire in C. elegans was initially investigated by Hutter et al. ... The predicted worm proteins were obtained from WormBase (Stein et al., 2001; ..... all 14 Beat proteins (Fambrough and Goodman, 1996), Sidestep on its own (Sink et al., 2001), three ..... Pipes, G. C., Lin, Q., Riley, S. E. and Goodman, C. S. (2001).

The neuromuscular junction: Selective remodeling of synaptic ...


Sep 29, 2012 ... The receptor associated protein rapsyn (Frail et al., 1988) is a cytoskeletal ... The postnatal conditional KO of MuSK (Hesser et al., 2006) demonstrates that ..... or denervation destabilize AChRs and cause rapid turnover (Fambrough, 1979). .... Brenner et al., 1990; H.R. Brenner, V. Witzemann, B. Sakmann.

The aneurogenic limb identifies developmental cell interactions ...


Aug 16, 2011 ... Parrinello S,; et al. (2010) EphB ... Stocum DL,; Cameron JA .... Fletcher GC,; et al . ... Brychtova V,; Vojtesek B,; Hrstka R ... Fambrough DM.