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List of comic book sidekicks


This is a list of comic book sidekicks—defined as a character who spends a significant amount of time as a superhero's junior partner, or was officially ...

The top 10 sidekicks of all time | Hero Complex – movies, comics ...


Oct 10, 2010 ... Bucky Barnes: He's only the second-most-famous sidekick in comics (holy hint- dropper, you'll see the other one later in the countdown!), but we ...

6 Sidekicks Who Should Have Been The Leader | Cracked.com


Aug 16, 2015 ... Sidekicks get a raw deal, which is a shame really, because for every Watson ... 5 Famous Wise Sayings That Are Complete Nonsense May 07, ...

50 Movie Sidekicks Who Stole The Show | GamesRadar+


Jun 19, 2013 ... 50 Movie Sidekicks Who Stole The Show ... The Sidekick: Think a male version of Madonna, but only when it comes to those outrageous ...

10 Famous Sidekicks - History and Headlines


May 9, 2016 ... Here we list 10 of history's most famous sidekicks. Do you have a sidekick? (Note : Tonto and Robin will have to wait for a fictional list.) ...

Top 10 Best Comic Book SIDEKICKS of All-Time | Newsarama.com


1 day ago ... Sidekicks have long been a part of the superhero experience, and Newsarama looks at 10 of the best through history.

The Top 10 Sidekicks in Literature – Flavorwire


Oct 29, 2010 ... What's a good hero without a trusty sidekick? From the open road to deserted islands to Middle Earth, friendships inevitably form. Of course ...

Who Are the Most Iconic Sidekicks in History? - Comic Vine


Sep 22, 2015 ... Take a look at these famous sidekicks from comics, television, games, and more.

16 Sidekicks Who Are More Famous Than The Main ... - A Plus


Jun 24, 2015 ... Sidekicks are generally considered to be secondary characters in movies, television shows and video games. But every now and then, these ...

11 Sidekicks Who Are Indisputably Better Than Their Heroes


Aug 6, 2013 ... ... or even too dumb to save the day. Thankfully, here are 11 sidekicks that pick up the slack — often doing a better job than the heroes ever could.

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Famous Sidekicks in Film | List of Best Film Side Kicks - Ranker


Trusted sidekicks in a famous film franchise also become some of the most beloved characters of all time because the audience identifies with them more than ...

The 20 Best TV And Film 'Sidekicks' Of The Last Seven Decades


Jun 3, 2015 ... Recently Phlash invited his audience to tell him who their favorite all-time TV or movie sidekicks were either by calling into the studio or by ...

Best Movie Sidekicks | Rolling Stone


Jul 2, 2013 ... Being a sidekick used to be a lot simpler in the old days. Sure, you had to let the main character play quarterback, but you still got to be the ...