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The fart facts. What does a fart consist of? How bad does a fart smell? What kind of fart facts are there? How do you call a fart? Where can you fart the best?

12 Incredible Facts You Never Knew About Farts - BuzzFeed


12 Incredible Facts You Never Knew About Farts. Don't just break wind. Destroy it . posted on Feb. 21, 2014, at 12:26 p.m.. Sam Stryker. BuzzFeed Staff. Tweet.

28 Crazy Facts About Farts That Will Blow Your Pants Off ...


Dec 5, 2015 ... Everybody farts. We fart at home, we fart at work, when we know it's a stinker, we fart with a smirk (that rhymed!). But how much do you really ...

12 Facts About Farting You Probably Didn't Know - Health Tips Portal


Jun 23, 2016 ... Men fart more than women. The original meaning of fart if forth as wind from the anus. This word was coined in 1962. An average person farts ...

Facts About Farting - Women's Health


Dec 24, 2014 ... Here are all the cool, interesting, and weird facts about farting.

Facts About Your Farts - Online Education


Interesting facts about your farts that you may not have known.

13 Facts About Farts That Might Actually Make You Appreciate Them


Mar 11, 2016 ... Only 1% of your fart actually smells. Yup — even that little one that no one heard but everyone in a 1,000 mile radius smelled. 99% of that fart ...

12 Very Interesting Facts About Farts - CraveOnline


Jan 7, 2015 ... These 12 facts show farts are more than just bacterial fermentation and swallowed air. 1. The word fart was coined in 1632, defined as "to send ...

Stupid Facts - Fart Facts


Stupid Facts from MIStupid.com. ... On the average a fart is composed of about 59 % nitrogen, 21% hydrogen, 9% carbon dioxide, 7% methane, and 4% oxygen.

12 Facts About Farting You Probably Didn't Know - Providr.com


But how much do you actually know about farts other than the fact that they sound funny, smell funny, and come out of your bum? Here are a few facts about ...

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The Thunder Down Under: 40 Fabulously Funny Facts About Farts ...


Sep 22, 2015 ... Truth be told, only 1% or less of the gas in your average, everyday, run-of-the-mill fart has any odor whatsoever. The main culprit is hydrogen ...

15 Explosive Facts About Farts | Mental Floss


Aug 6, 2015 ... Everyone does it, even the most delicate of ladies. And admit it, it's usually funny. Here are 15 fascinating facts about the good old fart.

Fart Facts: 10 Facts About Farting - ODDEE


Jun 14, 2013 ... In fact, the word "fart" is one of the oldest words in the English language! Read on to discover more fascinating facts about about cutting the ...