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Venice Travel Information and Travel Guide
Venice defies description. Many have tried, from Goethe to Brodsky, but it has to be seen, felt and wandered through to be believed, and even then you may have trouble thinking it real. Yet no ... More »


Interesting Venice Italy Facts: There are estimated to be 350 gondolas on Venice's waterways, which include 177 canals. Gondolas are made from eight different ...


These fun facts are more than enough to make you want to go to the “Queen of Adriatic”, Venice!


I. Facts about Venice: How it Became an Important City in Italy Venice originated during the mid 400s. The structure of Venice was created out of necessity.


Facts about Venice Italy: figures and tidbits about the marvelous Veneto town.


Sep 18, 2012 ... Venice is such a mysterious and unique city in Italy. It's built completely on water and there isn't any car traffic, so all you hear is the pitter-patter ...


Check out let us know some more interesting facts about this city of Dreams " Venice". ... Venice (Italian: Venezia) is a city in Northeastern Italy. Venice is made  ...


Jan 29, 2013 ... Discover about 10 funny things about the city of Venice in Italy which you probably will not find on normal tourist guides - Venice facts.


Jun 14, 2014 ... There's no better way to explore the canals of Venice than on an iconic gondola ride. Here are some surprising facts about Venice gondolas to ...


Venice's deserted back streets were once virtually crime-proof; occasional tales of theft are circulating only recently. Generally speaking, it's one of Italy's safest ...