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Child support and child visitation rights are two separate issues. A father has the obligation to support his child and the legal right to spend time with her. The fact ...

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Children Need the Support and Love of Both Parents ... RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES. 8C h a p te r. Child ... Mothers and fathers bring different, but equally.

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Is your child support order too high? Are you paying to much? Are you sure? Have you had your support order recently evaluated pursuant to state guidelines ?

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Jun 3, 2010 ... Attorney Ronald Isaacs, an expert on father's rights in child support issues, says questions and controversies about child support payments, ...

How to Help Fathers with Child Support Issues


Jan 17, 2014 ... Fathers with child support obligations often face difficult issues such as: not ... support (or only partially pay), he might still have visitation rights.



Pro bono hints to help fathers win divorce, child custody and support battles and defeat false allegations of domestic violence or child abuse.

How the Child Support System Affects Low-Income Fathers


The program can increase child support payments from low-income fathers by ... Inform fathers about their rights and the child support proceeding before their ...

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Get an understanding of the child support laws in Florida where it's a legal duty paid by both parents. Learn about your time sharing rights, the child support ...

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The U.S. Census Bureau has reported that fathers with joint custody pay 90.2% of all child support ordered; fathers with limited visitation rights pay 79.1%; and ...

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Long Island fathers' rights association providing support to those facing a child custody issue in Long Island, New York.

Father Rights in Child Support
A father has the same rights as a mother to ask for an award of child support if he has sole custody or shares custody.... More »
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Child custody, visitation, child support, and paternity are the main areas where fathers have important legal rights when it comes to children.

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Oct 8, 2013 ... Without a court order, the father of the child does not legally have any rights to the child (although there is still an obligation to support the child).