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Arachnophobia or arachnephobia is a specific phobia, the fear of spiders and other arachnids such as scorpions. The word is from from Greek ἀράχνη ( aráchnē) ...

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This brief questionnaire screens for spider phobia. Just being scared of spiders is not enough to have a phobia. Find out how severe your fear of spiders really ...

Overcoming the fear of spiders, in 2 minutes - The Washington Post


Dec 15, 2015 ... They erased their spider fear memories and then rewrote them with one of triumph — touching the tarantula a week after their treatment.

Why Are We Afraid Of Spiders? | IFLScience


I have personal interest in arachnophobia – the fear of spiders – because I am a spider expert, but also because my daughter has it. She is not alone. Acco.

How to Overcome the Fear of Spiders: 15 Steps


Jul 14, 2015 ... Expose yourself to spiders. Most treatments of specific phobias include some form of exposure to the feared object. You must face your fear to ...

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Arachnophobia is the term for the 'phobia of spiders'. A phobia differs from a fear in the fact that it will often overwhelm the sufferer, with the fear being greater ...

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It is an extreme or irrational fear of spiders. Someone is arachnophobic when their fear of spiders reaches a level that it is irrational, illogical and unhelpful.

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Jul 17, 1995 ... Agoraphobia- Fear of open spaces or of being in crowded, public places like markets. ... Arachnephobia or Arachnophobia- Fear of spiders.

Fear of spiders in our DNA, according to new study - Telegraph


Apr 5, 2015 ... Researchers claim our ancestors developed an ability to spot and identify spiders quickly as part of a necessary survival instinct.

Reprogramming Memory May Reduce Life-Long Fear of Spiders ...


1 day ago ... Researchers at Uppsala University in Sweden have shown how the effect of exposure therapy can be improved by disrupting the recreation of ...