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Did the IRS reject your efiled tax return? Find your error code and instructions on how to correct, re-file here.


On this page we list the most commonly reported and easy-to-fix Federal Error IRS Reject Codes. Here are the 10 most frequent Tax Return Rejection Codes ...


TaxAct makes preparing and filing your taxes quick, easy and affordable so ... Click the error code listed in your rejection notice from the list below to view the ...



is INVALID or MISSING. Please correct and resubmit BOTH federal and state return. .... 0016, Tax Form - Zip Code (SEQ 095) must be within the valid ranges of zip codes listed for ..... permitted for that record the return will be rejected. Refer to


Apr 20, 2017 ... Below are some of the most common reject codes that occur when ... that was filed by someone (taxpayer or spouse) on the tax return and will ...


Feb 9, 2012 ... ELF Error Reject Code Explanation. MeF. Business ..... Tax Form - Zip Code ( SEQ 0095) must be within the valid ranges of zip codes listed for ...


When you mail a paper copy of your tax return, the IRS reject codes aren't applicable. And although the IRS won't technically reject your return because of some ...


Jan 17, 2017 ... My electronic tax return keeps getting rejected because a dependent's social security number is used more than once on one return or is used ...


Nov 25, 2014 ... Listed below are the Top Individual Rejection Codes. ... was used as a Dependent SSN in a previously filed tax return for the same tax period.