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Mexican jumping beans are seed pods that have been inhabited by the larva of a small moth (Cydia deshaisiana) and are native to Mexico. The "bean" is ...


The Official Jumping Bean owners manual. Learn how to take care of your pet jumping beans.


This seedpod serves as a temporary home for "JUMPING BEANDITO". When the early ... They are ideal pets since they don't need to be walked, fed or brushed.


Oct 5, 2013 ... Live Mexican Jumping Beans You remember them as a child. Fun for ... The moth larvae, now trapped inside his new home, begins eating the ...


The larvae of the Mexican jumping bean moth ( Laspeyresia saltitans) live inside the seeds of certain shrubs ( Sebastiania), feeding on the kernels. Movement of ...


The "Mexican jumping bean" consists of a hollow "bean" that houses a larva of ... in a flower, and the larvae feed on the developing seeds within these capsules.

Dec 14, 2014 ... An Idiot Abroad: Mexico - Jumping Beans - Duration: 1:38. supergray2001 84,328 views · 1:38. Mexican Jumping Beans Trick - Make At Home ...


Common names: Mexican jumping bean moth. Synonyms: saltatoria ... Larvae of Cydia deshaisiana feed inside the seeds of various species of Euphorbiaceae.


Showy red clumps of Mexican jumping bean shrubs (Sebastiana pavoniana) and ... Like the jumping bean moth, the larvae bore into the fruits and feed on the ...