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Jan 8, 2014 ... During your pregnancy, there are many changes that you can expect ... As early as 22 days after conception, a fetal heart beat may be seen on ... These are light fluttering sensations that can feel like butterflies in the stomach.

Fluttering In The Lower Abdomen: Early Pregnancy Or Something ...


Jan 15, 2014 ... Fluttering In The Lower Abdomen: Early Pregnancy Or Something Else? ... lifestyle are more likely to feel fluttering sensations in their abdomen.

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Jun 19, 2007 ... Women there listed their early pregnancy symptoms (early as in before you can ... It's funny you mention a fluttery feeling in the lower abdomen ...

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Im so confused, it seems too early to be the little bean - i would really love ... a few times, it feels like how it felt when i was pregnant with my first.

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When you're pregnant, your breasts can feel sore, tingly, swollen and sensitive. ... a fluttering feeling in their lower abdomen as an early pregnancy symptom.

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Twinges is a common word used by women in very early pregnancy, it describes the flutters, tingles, gurgles, bubbles and pokes that are felt in the abdomen, ...

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Feb 6, 2007 ... are right, i had the same fluttery feeling in my belly even after i had my ... I do have to say that after 3 kids, my first reaction is that I'm pregnant ...

Im 6 weeks and i can feel the baby fluttering around in there :)


Im 6 weeks pregnant with my second child and i honestly think i can feel ... wind, you cant feel movement that early. i first felt flutters with my 2nd at ... i'm nearly 17weeks but the midwife says its near the belly button maybe a ...

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If so, it is unlikely that the flutters you feel are movements of the baby just yet. These are usually felt at around 16 weeks in a first pregnancy.

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Nov 26, 2007 ... I am only 14 Weeks and I can feel little flutters and can actually feel the ... saw the baby bounce..this is my first child and people say you don't feel it as ... I knew I was pregnant when I was 2 weeks along even though the tests ... days, and I was able to feel my baby push against the side of my stomach today.

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Q: How does your stomach feel at first when your pregnant?
A: At first its like ahhhhh it's gonna explode!!! Then it does and it really hurts. Read More »
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Q: When do you start to feel flutters when pregnant?
A: Every pregnancy is different and every mom is different. Women who are pregnant for the first time generally feel movement later, then women who have previously... Read More »
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Q: What does it mean when you feel a flutter in your lower stomach.
A: A flutter in your lower stomach is usually an indication of excitement or Read More »
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Q: When I feel fluttering in my stomach very often, what can this be...
A: The fluttering in your stomach could be a baby moving and it could be a sign of pregnancy, however it could be other Read More »
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Q: When did you feel your first flutters?
A: at about 13 weeks i was sure i could feel bubbles in my stomach. bit like popcorn popping. definately movement by about 20 weeks but then i was planning to move... Read More »
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