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Sadness → feeling sad. Other words are sorrow, grief (a stronger feeling, for example when someone has died) or depression (feeling sad for a long time).

List of Feeling Words - PsychPage

Pleasant Feelings. OPEN. HAPPY. ALIVE. GOOD. understanding. great. playful. calm. confident. gay. courageous. peaceful. reliable. joyous. energetic. at ease.

Feelings Inventory (.pdf) - Center for Nonviolent Communication

Feelings Inventory. The following are words we use when we want to express a combination of emotional states and physical sensations. This list is neither ...

Feelings and Emotions Vocabulary Word List - Enchanted Learning

Feelings and Emotions Vocabulary Word Bank, Wordbank.

Children's List of Feeling Words:

Children's List of Feeling Words: GLAD. SAD. MAD. AFRAID. OTHER content bugged uncomfortable shy glad blah annoyed startled curious pleased blue.

List of Adjectives to Describe Tone and Feelings and Emotions

When you are writing a story, essay, critical analysis, poem, or any other sort of paper, you might start to look for a list of adjectives to describe tone and feelings  ...

Feeling Words - Home

Here you will find part of the world's longest list of feeling words, (or emotion words or words that describe feelings). The full list is now over 4,000 words.

Common Negative/Painful Feelings - Home

See also long list of more feeling words. Note from Steve - Since I created this list I have decided it is more useful to ... Using This List to Help Someone Else.

List of human emotions and feelings -

Long - free - list with human emotions and feelings for your study and for use in therapy.

Find the Perfect Word for Your Feelings with This Vocabulary Wheel

Oct 30, 2014 ... Sometimes it's hard to explain exactly how you feel. This handy vocabulary wheel helps you narrow down exactly what word best expresses ...

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