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Robert Plutchik's theory says that the eight basic emotions are: Fear → feeling afraid. Other words are terror (strong fear), shock, phobia; Anger → feeling angry.

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Pleasant Feelings. OPEN. HAPPY. ALIVE. GOOD. understanding. great. playful. calm. confident. gay. courageous. peaceful. reliable. joyous. energetic. at ease.

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Nov 12, 2014 ... Answer a few questions on each word on this list. Get one wrong? We'll ask some follow-up questions. Use it to prep for your next quiz!

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Feelings and Emotions Vocabulary Word Bank, Wordbank.

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List of Human Emotions and Feelings. Here is the list of human emotions or feelings. If you need printable version you can download this list nicely arranged in ...

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Oct 4, 2013 ... Find here a list with top 20 positive feelings and emotions that exist in this world.

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Children's List of Feeling Words: GLAD. SAD. MAD. AFRAID. OTHER content bugged uncomfortable shy glad blah annoyed startled curious pleased blue.

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Vocabulary list with words of positive and negative feelings - Learning English Online.

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Comprehensive - free - list of human emotions and feelings for your studies and for use in therapy.

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Long - free - list with human emotions and feelings for your study and for use in therapy.

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Feelings Inventory. The following are words we use when we want to express a combination of emotional states and physical sensations. This list is neither ...

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Main Page on Emotions and Managing Negative Feelings ... In the section on teen suicide there are examples of how this list can be used with teenagers.

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Feelings List. By Vika Miller. (NOTE: To download a list of feelings and needs, as well as the list of 12 Essential Life-Need categories, click here.) One of the most ...