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A misdemeanor (American English) or misdemeanour (British English) is any " lesser" criminal act in some common law legal systems. Misdemeanors are generally punished less severely than fel...

What Are Examples of Felonies and Misdemeanors?


Crimes are classified based on the severity; this article gives examples of felonies and misdemeanors and explains the difference.

Felony Definition, Examples, and Classifications - Legal Dictionary


Each state defines crimes as either misdemeanors or felonies, according to the seriousness of the crime as defined by statute. The primary differences between ...

What are Felonies and Misdemeanors | Attorneys.com


The main difference between a felony and a misdemeanor is the severity of the crime. ... For example. some jurisdictions have class A misdemeanors, class B ...

What are the Differences Between Felonies and Misdemeanors ...


Misdemeanors are generally considered less serious crimes. Common examples ... Examples of felonies include murder, aggravated or grand theft, rape, etc.

Misdemeanor & Felony Traffic Offenses - FindLaw


In addition, some traffic offenses are defined as misdemeanors or felonies from ... on a state-by-state basis, common examples of traffic misdemeanors include:.

Misdemeanor vs Felony - Difference and Comparison | Diffen


Misdemeanors tend to include nonviolent crimes, such as trespassing, petty theft, vandalism, and ...

Type of Crime: Misdemeanor - Guides - Avvo


Jun 18, 2010 ... Misdemeanor crimes are less serious than felonies, with the line of separation typically ... Examples of misdemeanor crimes against persons:.

Class A Misdemeanors | LegalMatch Law Library - LegalMatch.com


Mar 1, 2016 ... A Class A Misdemeanor is the most serious classification of misdemeanor charges in ... Felony charges can result in a sentence in a federal prison, whereas ... What Are Some Common Examples of Class A Misdemeanors?

Classes of Misdemeanors | LegalMatch Law Library - LegalMatch.com


Apr 26, 2016 ... For example, misdemeanors are usually classified as Class 1 through ... The main difference between misdemeanors and felonies is the type of ...

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Felonies, Misdemeanors, and Infractions: Classifying Crimes | Nolo ...


As with misdemeanors, states may also subdivide felonies by class or degree. Felony Example 1. Randy is convicted of felony assault with a deadly weapon ...

What Are Felonies, Misdemeanors, and Infractions? | Criminal Law


Examples of felonies are murder, rape, burglary, and the sale of illegal drugs. Misdemeanors are less serious crimes, and are typically punishable by up to a ...

Felonies, Misdemeanors and Infractions: The Differences


What are the differences between petty offenses, misdemeanors, infractions, and ... In Pennsylvania, for example, a third degree misdemeanor is punishable by ...