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Felony Sentencing Guidelines | Attorneys.com


Criminal sentences are supposed to be proportionate to the crime. That is, they should "fit the crime." Therefore, felonies carry harsher sentences than ...

Crimes with Mandatory Minimum Prison Sentences - Updated and


Nov 13, 2008 ... We identified 61 crimes that carry a mandatory minimum prison sentence of a specific duration. These include class A felonies, which carry a ...

Criminal Sentencing - FindLaw


In more complex criminal cases, such as those involving serious felonies, the sentencing judge usually receives input from the prosecutor, the defense, and the  ...

Felony Sentences in State Courts, 2006 - Bureau of Justice Statistics


victed of a violent felony received the longest prison sentences in 2006, compared to prop- erty, drug, weapon, and other felonies. • Felony sentences to jail ...

Felony Disenfranchisement: A Primer | The Sentencing Project


May 10, 2016 ... Felony disenfranchisement rates vary by state, as states institute a ... b Arizona disenfranchises post-sentence for a second felony conviction.

§ 18.2-10. Punishment for conviction of felony; penalty - Virginia Law


The authorized punishments for conviction of a felony are: ... children as described in subsection A of § 18.2-370.2, the sentencing court is authorized to impose ...

Punishment Grids - The North Carolina Court System


Citizen's Guide to Structured Sentencing ... Felony Punishment Chart and Minimum/Maximum Table for offenses committed on or after October 1, 2013. Class B1 ...

Felony Disenfranchisement: A Primer - The Sentencing Project


franchise citizens convicted of felony offenses.1 Felony disenfranchisement rates ... b Arizona disenfranchises post-sentence for a second felony conviction.

State-Level Estimates of Felon Disenfranchisement in the United State


completed their sentences make up about 45 percent of the entire ... The number of people disenfranchised due to a felony conviction has escalated ...

Felony Disenfranchisement | The Sentencing Project


Kimberly Haven's journey as an advocate began when she sought to regain her own voting rights after release from a Maryland prison in 2001. She soon ...

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Felony Classes: Charges, Penalties and Sentencing | Criminal Law


For purposes of assigning sentences to each felony offense, many states divide felonies into subcategories. Others assign sentences on a crime-by-crime basis,  ...

18 U.S. Code § 3559 - Sentencing classification of offenses | US ...


Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a person who is convicted in a court of the United States of a serious violent felony shall be sentenced to life ...

Felony Sentences in State Courts, 2004 - Bureau of Justice Statistics


Felony Sentences in State. Courts, 2004. By Matthew R. Durose and Patrick A. Langan, Ph.D. BJS Statisticians. In 2004 State courts convicted an estimated ...