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Our experts guide you through proper ferret training and behavior correction techniques, including scruffing, housetraining, and preventing chewing.

Ferret Training - Basics To Teach Your Ferret | Love That Pet™

We share the basics of how to train a ferret to sit, shake paws and more. ... Ferret Training: Teaching Your Ferret The Basics. Ferrets ... Here are a couple of tips:.

10 Tips for New Ferret Owners | Humane Society of Utah

Ferrets can be trained to use litter boxes, providing that you put in the effort. Ferrets naturally like to go in the same spot they went before, they prefer to back into ...

Training Your Ferret - Everything Ferret

May 10, 2013 ... Baby ferrets or kits can nip too hard as a way to try to get your attention, ... For more great tips on training and how to teach your ferret some Fun ...
Initially, behavior that is simply close to what is desired may be rewarded, then gradually the behavior must become more exact to get a reward. Start off keeping your ferret and its litter pan in a small area i.e. by confining the ferret in the cage and even blocking ... More »
By Lianne McLeod, DVM, Guide

Ferret Training 101 | petMD

Ferrets, like dogs (and even cats), will respond to basic training techniques. Find out which ones actually work. - Ferret Training Tips |

By Matthew Humphries. 1. Litter box training. Ferrets are not drawn to use their litter-boxes like cats, so patience and treats work best to insure a potty trained ... Training Tips&v=XQ-Cbv2Z4j0
Aug 31, 2013 ... This video is on how to teach hearing ferrets to come when called. A video on how to teach a deaf ferret to come will be up in the near future.

Potty Training Ferrets - Ferret Central

Jul 13, 2001 ... This is true ONLY if you do the initial training up front, like teaching the ... Ferrets are caged and separated from their mothers very early at the ... Training Tips&v=FK5S5i_sT10
Feb 12, 2012 ... litter box train ferret + bonus safety tips .... I have a ferret that is potty trained but for some reason when she wakes up she walks down her later ...
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Q: Ferret training tips please?
A: Yeah, no flicking their nose. One wrong flick and you could break it. It's also the most sensitive part of their body. Deaf ferret nip training can be a lot mor... Read More »
Q: Litter training tips for a ferret?
A: LOL, he's just like my male! (My avatar!) What I did- I litter train mine as well as I can in the cage, and in the meantime they are only allowed to play in the... Read More »
Q: How to Potty Train a Ferret.
A: Things You'll Need. Ferret litter pan. Pellet litter. Instructions: Purchase a litter pan at your local pet store. Choose from square shaped or triangular corne... Read More »
Q: How to Litter Train a Ferret.
A: 1. Confine the ferret to a small area, it's cage would be an excellent place for litter training to occur. Place the litter box in the corner of the cage. Make ... Read More »
Q: How to Train a Ferret
A: 1 Spray Apple Bitter Spray wherever the ferret tends to bite, whether it be people or furniture. Ferrets hate the smell. Also, everyday before letting your ferr... Read More »