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Grace has described the tragedy as the impetus ... Her fiancé, Keith Griffin, was not shot at random ...


Jul 11, 2011 ... Nancy Grace on putting her life on hold after her fiancé's murder.


Jul 25, 2007 ... Keith was the fiance of CNN/Court TV Commentator Nancy Grace while they were college students. His murder was the sole reason Nancy ...

Jan 8, 2014 ... Tough-talking Nancy Grace says her kids know nothing about her show, and describes how the murder of her fiancé changed her life.


Apr 2, 2014 ... Born in 1958 in Macon, Georgia, Nancy Grace was on track to become and English professor in 1979 when her fiancé, Keith Griffin, was shot to ...


Nancy Grace divorce, married, net worth, salary, affair, boyfriend, husband | Nancy Grace, ... advocate, who have faced many challenges in her young age, like death of her fiancé. ... One day, Griffin was shot by his co-worker Tommy McCoy.


Mar 6, 2006 ... Nancy Grace, the prosecutor turned breakout star at CNN, has a ... engaged to Keith Griffin, a star third baseman for the Valdosta State University Blazers. ... He shot him five times in the head and back, stole $35 from his ...


Mar 17, 2014 ... Nancy Grace, ex-prosecutor and TV personality, also cheats, but almost ... murder conviction because of Grace's “inexcusable disregard for the notions of ... about the death of a man to whom she was engaged is astonishing.


Jul 18, 2011 ... Piers Morgan interviews Nancy Grace tonight on "Piers Morgan Tonight," and besides a fiery, lengthy discussion about the Casey Anthony trial ...


Mar 1, 2006 ... Nancy Grace's fiancee, Keith Griffin, was murdered when she was 19. That part of the story is true, but that is just about the only part of the story ...