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Doe v. Reed


Doe v. Reed, 561 U.S. 186 (2010), is a United States Supreme Court case which holds that the ... Reed, Washington Secretary of State, et al. Docket nos. 09-559.

Doe #1 v. Reed | Oyez


Doe #1 v. Reed. Media. Oral Argument - April ... Petitioner. John Doe #1, et al. Respondent. Sam Reed, Washington Secretary of State, et al. Docket no. 09-559  ...

Joint space width measures cartilage thickness in osteoarthritis of ...


Journal List · Ann Rheum Dis · v.54(4); 1995 Apr; PMC1005571 ... Altman RD, Fries JF, Bloch DA, Carstens J, Cooke TD, Genant H, Gofton P, Groth H, McShane DJ, Murphy WA, et al. ... [PMC free article] [PubMed]; Karvonen RL, Negendank WG, Teitge RA, Reed AH, Miller ... [PubMed]; Simkin PA, Graney DO, Fiechtner JJ.

High versus low dosing of oral colchicine for early acute gout flare ...


Jan 21, 2010 ... ... such as the one described by Ahern et al (1), are commonly prescribed for acute .... High-dose colchicine vs. placebo, Low-dose colchicine vs. placebo ..... TX), M. Fernandez (West Covina, CA), J. J. Fiechtner (Lansing, MI), B. J. ... VA), L. D. Reed (Florissant, MO), P. J. Riccardi (Syracuse, NY), D. M. Rice ....

Cyanate Binding to the Ferric Heme Octapeptide from Cytochrome c


Aug 25, 2006 ... plane (39, 40), (v) hydrogen bonding of the proximal histidyl ... (Fig. lb) as suggested by Stryer et al. (44). ..... Scheidt, W. R., and Reed, C. A. (1981) Chem. Rev. .... Fiechtner, M. D., and Kassner, R. J. (1978) Biochemistry 17,.

A Review on the Management of Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis


Sep 2, 2013 ... R. Iorio, W. J. Robb, W. L. Healy et al., “Orthopaedic surgeon .... J. J. Fiechtner, J. I. Mcmillen et al., “Treatment of osteoarthritis with ... COX-2 inhibitor rofecoxib vs ibuprofen in patients with osteoarthritis,” Archives of Internal Medicine, vol. .... M. Reed, P. Gregg, and D. Deehan, “The association between bod...

A Review on the Management of Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis


Sep 2, 2013 ... Foran et al. evaluated seventy-eight total knee replacements in obese ..... J. J. Fiechtner, J. I. Mcmillen et al., “Treatment of osteoarthritis with celecoxib, ... trial of the efficacy and tolerability of the COX-2 inhibitor rofecoxib vs .... M. Reed, P. Gregg, and D. Deehan, “The association between body mass index ...

Publications – Prevention Research Center on Nutrition & Physical ...


Cradock AL, Kenney EL, McHugh A, Conley L, Mozaffarian RS, Reiner JF, et al. .... Ayash CR, Simon SR, Marshall R, Kasper J, Chomitz V, Hacker K, Kleinman KP, Taveras EM. ... Healy IB, Heinrich KM, Lemon SC, Tompkins NO, Reed HL, Zieff SG. ... Fiechtner L, Block J, Duncan DT, Gillman MW, Gortmaker SL, Melly SJ , ...

Review of pharmacological therapies in fibromyalgia syndrome ...


Jan 17, 2014 ... Häuser et al.; licensee BioMed Central Ltd. 2014 .... 30% pain reduction true drug vs. placebo (%) ..... Abeles M, Clark P, Fam AG, Farber SJ, Fiechtner JJ, Franklin CM, Gatter RA, Hamaty D, Lessard J, .... View ArticlePubMed; Reed C, Birnbaum HG, Ivanova JI, Schiller M, Waldman T, Mullen RE, Swindle R: ...

The metal reductase activity of some multiheme cytochromes c ...


Jul 23, 2002 ... ... <sup>1</sup>H–<sup>1</sup>H dipolar constraints (22) and extended to the calibration of longitudinal nonselective relaxation times of protons by Bertini et al.

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DOE v. REED - Legal Information Institute - Cornell University


Jun 24, 2010 ... DOE v. REED ( No. 09-559 ) 586 F. 3d 671, affirmed. ... DOE et al. <font i="1">v . REED, WASHINGTON SECRETARY OF STATE, et al.

Guidelines for the drug treatment of rheumatoid arthritis


Jan 22, 2014 ... J. Kekow, R.J. Moots, P. Emery, P. Durez, A. Koenig, A. Singh, et al. ... D.E. Furst, A.L. Pangan, L.R. Harrold, H. Chang, G. Reed, J.M. Kremer, et al. ... Clinical and radiological efficacy of initial vs delayed treatment with ..... S.Z. Zhao, J.I. Fiechtner, E.A. Tindall, S.D. Dedhiya, W.W. Zhao, J.T. Osterhaus, et al...

Azide Binding to the Cytochrome c Ferric Heme Octapeptide


using the Clark et al. (21) modification of the Reed Berkson method of rectification ... ferric heme c octapeptide in 50% (v/v) ethylene glycol at pH*. 8.0 and -10°C.