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Hansen et al., Plane-Wave Theory of Time-Domain Fields. Near-Field ... Lindell, I. V., Methods for Electromagnetic Field Analysis. Lindell, I. V. ... Ismo V. Lindell.

Preparedness for Emergency Response - Emergency Management ...

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... and equipment design, and job performance aids (Chapanis, 1970; Lindell, et al., ..... might exist where only open fields were found previously, and reorganization ..... [and] [v]iews differ on the scope and intent of stakeholder involvement in ...

Introduction - Emergency Management Institute - Federal ...

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However, Lindell, et al. ..... Recent legal decisions such as Lucas v. .... Professors in emergency management and related fields (e.g., geography, planning, ...

The divided visual field paradigm: Methodological ... - StatsART


contrast, the divided visual field (DVF) methodology provides an easy way of examining ... Email: v.bourne@dundee.ac.uk ... Bryden, 1992; see Lindell & Nicholls, 2003). .... that stimuli can be projected up to 38 from central fixation ( Bunt et al.,.

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Ismo V. Lindell. Professor ... I.V. Lindell: Differential Forms in Electromag- ... Field Theory), Espoo: Otatieto 1991, 126pp, ... El 31, 1972. 8. ...... V.S.. Buldyrev et al., St Petersburg 1999, pp.129-. 136. 178. L.H. Puska, I.V. Lindell: Electromagnetic.

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Ismo V. Lindell, Life Fellow, IEEE, Ari Sihvola, Fellow, IEEE, Pasi Ylä-Oijala, and ... Zero backscattering follows from the fact that the far fields .... LINDELL et al.

Disaster Studies - SAGE Publications

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that are in nations (see Lindell et al., 2006: Ch. 2). ... characterized by inductive field studies in which one ..... ery vs long-term recovery) than about the specific.

Lindell, D., et al. Expression of the nitrogen stress response gene ...


et al. 1995; Lindell and Post 1995; Labiosa et al. 2003), with ... expression levels in Synechococcus field populations and are compared to the maximal ...

Alternative derivation of electromagnetic cloaks and concentrators ...


The tangential-field boundary conditions at the outer surface of the cloak .... Ismo V. Lindell et al 2009 IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation 57 2725.

Disaster Studies (PDF Download Available) - ResearchGate


provinces that are in nations (see Lindell et al., 2006: Ch. 2). A major ... experience a variety of negative outcomes in disasters (Van Zandt, 2012). ...... cal scientists and engineers, to ensure that the field as a whole identifies all of the varia-.