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How to File for an Annulment
A common misconception is that a marriage can be annulled only in the weeks following the ceremony or in the event of bigamy. However, in most states getting an annulment is possible in a number of circumstances. For example, in California, those married... More »
Difficulty: Moderate

Filing for Annulment - divorce_or_separation_selfhelp

If you are married, you can file your annulment in California as long as you live in California. There is no required length of time for residency like there is for a ...

Annulment - divorce_or_separation_selfhelp - California Courts

The statute of limitations is the deadline for filing a lawsuit. Divorces and legal separations ...

How, Where and When Can I Get an Annulment?

If you want to file for an annulment, you need to know a few practical things about the process, saving you time and possible frustration.

How to file for annulment the easy way | Divorce Recovery Suite

Mar 26, 2014 ... Learn what an annulment is, how it differs from a divorce, and whether it is the right choice for your situation. Straight talk spoken here.

How to File an Annulment in California | LegalZoom: Legal Info

In most states, if you have reason to believe that your marriage should never have happened, filing for an annulment is usually the easy part. The challenge of  ...

The Basics of Annulment in California |

The California court system has detailed, step-by-step instructions for how to request, and oppose, an annulment. To learn about how to file for an annulment ...

How to File for an Annulment -

Learn about how to file for an annulment and other aspects of divorce at

Annulment Laws > Procedures > Nullification of Marriage

State by State Annulment Laws, Legal Effects of A Divorce, Annulment, ... They may still file joint tax returns and be covered dependents on health insurance.

Where to File for an Annulment | LegalMatch Law Library

Nov 7, 2012 ... In most cases you may initiate annulment proceedings through the local court of your jurisdiction. There's no fee to post your case to local ...

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Q: How to File an Annulment in Arkansas.
A: Instructions. Determine your grounds for annulment. The Arkansas Code states that annulments are granted only for specific reasons. Parents might have a child's... Read More »
Q: How to File an Annulment Online.
A: Filing an Annulment Online. Visit a website that allows to file your annulment online, such as (You can also use ... Read More »
Q: Filing an annulment.
A: Yes. Summons is the document that forces them to respond within 30 days. No summons, no response. Read More »
Q: How to file for annulment?
A: ya gotta follow the rules for where you are. Read More »
Q: What are the guidelines for filing an annulment?
A: They would have to go through a regular divorce. Here's a link regarding annulments. Hope your son has about $10 K stashed away for his attorney. http://marriag... Read More »