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Below you will find links to forms related to child custody and visitation in your state -- including information on parenting plans and agreements where available.

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Fathers who are working on gaining sole or joint custody of their children following a divorce will find resources to help in their efforts.

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Every child custody case begins with filing a petition and paying a filing fee with the local clerk of the court. Before you turn over money for a filing fee, make sure  ...



married, the mother has legal custody of the child and the father cannot take the child. REALITY: Without a court order for custody, each parent has an equal right  ...

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One is for a parent who wishes to file for custody or visitation against the other ... as grandparents) who wish to file for custody against the children's parents.

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Where can I file for child custody? (Which state has jurisdiction?) What are some pros and cons of starting a custody case? Should I start a court case to ask for ...

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One or the other parent can have sole custody of the children, or the two ... If you are interested in filing for custody of your or someone else's children, you will ...

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Aug 13, 2015 ... After you have opened an appropriate family law case, you will need to file a petition for custody of your child. The remainder of this article will ...

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File it yourself Custody Packet in N orth Carolina Courts” ... custody.” The child does not have to live w ith the parent or person w ho has legal custody.

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You have to start a case in a Probate and Family Court to get an order that gives you custody of your child. You can go to the Probate and Family Court in the ...

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Virginia has a system called concurrent jurisdiction for handling issues of child custody, visitation and support. Two separate courts -- the Circuit Court and the ...

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A person may file a custody/visitation petition where the child lives, where the child has been living within the last 12 months, or where an existing order has ...