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George "Joji" Miller, known online by his pseudonym Filthy Frank, is a Japanese- Australian YouTube personality, known for his music and comedy videos.


Filthy definition, foul with, characterized by, or having the nature of filth; disgustingly or completely dirty. See more.


A group of girls that one would generally agree are filthy or dirty in a sexual sense. May not be a negative even though the word implies a negative connotation.


filthy meaning, definition, what is filthy: extremely or unpleasantly dirty: . Learn more.


dirty, filthy, foul, nasty, squalid mean conspicuously unclean or impure. dirty emphasizes the presence of dirt more than an emotional reaction to it. ⟨a dirty ...


Filthy is a dirty word. Sure, you can say it aloud in public, but it means "dirty" — like your dirty laundry pile by the end of the week.


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Covered or smeared with filth; disgustingly dirty. See Synonyms at dirty. 2. Obscene or offensive: a filthy magazine; filthy language. 3. Vile; nasty: a filthy traitor.


filthy (third-person singular simple present filthies, present participle filthying, simple past and past participle filthied). (transitive) To make very dirty; to cover in  ...


From Middle English filth, from Old English fȳlþ (“foulness, filth”), from Proto- Germanic *fūliþō (“foulness, filth”), from Proto-Germanic *fūlaz (“foul, corrupt, dirty , ...