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2 Plot. 2.1 Setting; 2.2 Characters; 2.3 Story. 3 Development. 3.1 Design; 3.2 Music ... Progression through the game's storyline is largely developed by way of scripted ... Final Fantasy VII is...

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For Final Fantasy VII on the PlayStation, a GameFAQs Answers question titled ... I have everything the problem is i dont know the fastest way to level up my .... can be 2 of them inone battle, so that is the absolute best way to level up materia. 7 ...

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Jul 28, 2004 ... Final Fantasy VII Best Places for EXP/AP/Gil Guide ... TABLE OF CONTENTS ----- -------------- 1.0 - Introduction 2.0 - Best Places for EXP, AP & Gil 2.1 - Disc 1 2.2 - Disc 2 2.3 - Disc 3 3.0 ... For those level up freaks, leveling up as high as you can is one of the fastest and easiest way to beat most RPG's.

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May 20, 2010 ... Quick Guide to how I level my characters in FF7. ... Use Yuffies Conformer Weapon with Morph for the best results and you shouldn't have a problem. ... is only obtainable when you return to Midgar at the end of Disc 2. When you go in the sewer right at the start, you run south all the way to the bottom.

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Irish_man (irish_man87 hotmail com) January 7, 2006 Final Fantasy 7 ... 1000 AP and often come in packs of 2 so that equals 2000 AP. the movers give you ... its in the area where there is greenish water. another way of directing you is to ... the best in the game but unfortunately when it comes to getting AP there is no better.

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Aug 8, 2013 ... In this episode which doesn't have me speaking (mic wasn't in ) but it does have random noises from my friend Levi xD Going about his day :P.

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Aug 27, 2002 ... XCOM 2. Our in-depth review. Our in-depth review. P.T. Inspires ... Easy AP and Exp Guide for Final Fantasy VII ... to equip your party in such a way that with the use of a turbo controller they ... The weapon or armor you do this on needs to have NO materia growth so that the Restore materia will not level up.

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The best place to level up in ff7 is the Swamp area in the Northern Crater, it is .... 2. Get Yuffie Since Yuffie is an optional character, I guess it's possible for ... A good way to make the tougher enemies in the Gelnika (mostly the ...

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The characters level up in Final Fantasy XII. ... With a Monk, unarmed attacks have 2 Attack Power per level, at level 25, he will .... The lower levels have enemy encounters that net 5 or 7 Magic AP per battle. ... This is the best way to farm only magic without gaining Experience, but the downside is the party won't gain gil.

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Dec 26, 2015 ... The best training stops give you good Experience, AP and Gil. ... Cait Sith, who only has 2 limit levels and does not have an ultimate limit break. ... However, a much better way to gain Gil is to master All materias and sell them.

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Q: What is the best way to get AP in Final Fantasy 10?
A: The best place is to kill Cactuars, 10k AP per, .but yo probably Read More »
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A: I thin crisis core is the best because of it's graphics and gameplay. Plus, the cutscenes are amazing. Read More »
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Q: In final fantasy 7 on the playstion 1 what is the best way 2 defe...
A: Kill two of your team before fight. Link KOTR to HP absorb and Hades with Quadra. Equip mime and W-summon. W-Summon KOTR and Hades, then keep miming. Read More »
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Q: In final fantasy 7 on the playstion 1 what is the best way 2 defe...
A: Emerald: you'll need the Underwater material to take off the time limit. Use Knights of the Round linked with Hp absorb, and mime to defeat easily. Read More »
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A: Don't bet on the chocobo races. Come back later in the game when you can breed your own warking goodness. With proper training and breeding, you can get a winni... Read More »
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