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The finch species most commonly kept as pets come from the Estrildidae family of ... If you house pairs of finches together, be prepared for possible offspring, ...

Finches As Pet Birds

Zebra finches, society finches and Gouldian finches make great pet birds. ... They can also be kept in indoor or outdoor aviaries provided the climate is mild and ...

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Nov 26, 2011 ... For a beautiful and low maintenance pet for busy schedules, look no further than the finch. Read our guide to caring for finches.

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Jun 1, 1998 ... I would consider this the minimum size for housing a pair of finches. Yes, you can house them in smaller quarters, but remember that no one ...
Some of the other finch species are more challenging to care for and are best left for more experienced finch keepers. Zebra finches are small birds, and are active and fun to watch, and quiet when it comes to vocalization (chirps and peeps that most people find easy t... More »
By Lianne McLeod, DVM, Guide

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Finches are extremely easy to care for, are undemanding and affordable. They make great pets for children and beginners. .... Never house finches with.

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Finches don't mind an audience but would rather you stay on your own side of the ... House Pets · What Is the Difference Between Finch Seed & Parakeet Seed ?

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Finches need the company of other finches and in some cases, different species of .... in the house, please be aware of how sensitive most birds are to changes. as House Pets&v=Mo8vwAZvlHQ
Mar 20, 2008 ... Learn how to handle finches with care and what to do if one escapes; get ... NEW Little Live Pets L'il Mouse House, Mice and Trail Toy Review ...

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Finches are easy, energetic friends. ... American Goldfinch, European Goldfinch, Gouldian, House ... See How Finches Compare to Other Types of Pet Birds!

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Q: Are finches as house pets loud?
A: Finches are mostly quiet birds, there are some that have a song, and most are very active. Their lif... Read More »
Q: Is it illegal to have a house finch as a pet?
A: It has always and will always be illegal to have a House Finch as a caged pet bird. They are protected under the Migratory Birds Treaty Act. In 1939, pet store ... Read More »
Q: How to Feed a Pet Finch.
A: 1. Know that the most common types of pet finches are Zebra, Australian Grass, and Lady Gouldian Finches. 2. Keep in mind that finches are not talking birds. Wh... Read More »
Q: How to Keep Finches for Pets.
A: 1. Choose a cage for the bird that will provide ample room for flying as this is how finches get the necessary exercise. The length of the cage is more importan... Read More »
Q: What are house finches?
A: House finches are small and have a reddish color head and neck. They are wild birds. Read More »