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Apr 10, 2010 ... Powered by http://www.tenmarks.com . Learn to find whole number when percent is known.

How to Find a number given Its percent « Math


Mar 5, 2010 ... This how-to video is about how to find a number when its percent is given. This video is really helpful and effective in finding the number when ...

Percentage Calculator - Calculator Soup


Calculator Use. Calculate the percentage of a number solving the equation P% * X = Y for Y or find the percentage of one number to another solving the ...

How to Find the Whole Given a Percent | Study.com


In figuring out the whole when given a percent, think of the percent fraction as half of the ratio. ... for which both the percent and the part are known, but the whole is unknown, .... 1 - Saxon Math 7/6 Homeschool: Whole Number & Money.

Basic "Percent of" Word Problems - Purplemath


Demonstrates how to set up and solve 'percent of' word problems such as 'What percent of 16 is 5? ... If you need to find 16% of 1400, you first convert the percentage "16%" to its ... (When you are doing actual math, you need to use actual numbers. ... In any given problem, you plug your known values into this eq...

arithmetic - Calculate Gross amount when only percent is known ...


Sep 30, 2011 ... Calculate Gross amount when only percent is known .... If the mean of four of six given numbers is known, what is the mean of the other two? ... Find the minimum and maximum integers in an array, without using builtins.

Basic Percent Calculator - Finding Percentages of Known Numbers ...


Apr 24, 2014 ... This Basic Percent Calculator finds the percentage of a known number, like you would in calculating a tip. Included are examples on how it ...

How Do You Find Out a Percent of a Number? | eHow


Percents are a way of showing how two numbers compare to each other-- this can be useful when working with statistics or showing how much a total has ...

To find the Base, the number that follows "of." Lesson 29 of complete ...


How to find the Base -- the number that follows 'of' in a percent problem.

Percent of a whole number | Use of percentages | Khan Academy


Watch as Sal finds the percentage of a whole number. ... Finding a percent · Percent word problem: ... Percent word problem: 78 is 15% of what number? Percent ...

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Find the total when the percent and part are known - LearnZillion


In this lesson you will learn to calculate the total when you know the percent and the part by using a double number line.

Percent and Proportions - Math Goodies


Since percent statements always involve three numbers, given any two of these numbers, we can find the third using the proportion above. Let's look at an ...

How Do You Use an Equation to Find a Whole? | Virtual Nerd


Taking a percent of a number? ... Use a percent equation to solve! ... percent equation; percent; decimal; solve; part; solve whole; known part; known percent.