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Injecting Advice - Raising a Vein: Slapping & Gravity


Apr 8, 2010 ... The last in the raising a vein series of articles, this time dealing with vein ... Find the vein,; Put a finger on it and keep the finger on it; GENTLY ...

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Learn the difference between a vein and artery as injecting into an artery can kill. Arteries ... Use a new needle if you fail to find a vein straight away. To reduce ...

(heroin) I can't hit a vein...HELP!!! [Archive] - Bluelight


So, if I continue to attempt to find a vein without success, I end up hoping I hit one and inject, Most of the times I don't. I feel "good" but nothing ...

Where are some good veins for injecting meth if you've ruined all the ...


Finding veins is best done when you're not strung out or wired, after a warm bath (never during it) and you have plenty of time. Find or make a tourney (my ...

finding veins - Tweaker.org


finding veins. To shoot dope, you need to find a vein. The best place to look for veins is the crook of the arm. These are called the cubital fossa, to be technical.

How to Inject Into a Vein (with Pictures) - wikiHow


Warmth causes the vein to dilate and grow, making it easier to find. For best results, warm up the injection site and the patient's entire body before an injection .

Injecting - Injecting Heroin, Vein Problems & Safety Advice for ...


Feb 8, 2007 ... Skin Popping-This is actually a legit injection technique, but can be painful and somewhat wasteful .... Find a vein (See 'Where to Inject' below)

Sharp Shooters (Safer Injecting) - Trip!


... kinds of infections. Read on to find out how to lower the chances of getting them. ... Also, try to make sure you're in a vein before you inject (see pg. 20).

Safer Injecting Guide - Drugs.ie


...reducing the harm associated with injecting drug use. ... Types of Injecting: Into the muscle. Finding a Vein. Vein Care. Vein Damage. Works. Front & Back ...

Vein Care - Drugs and Health Development Project


There are many ways to look after your veins when injecting and by following ... If you are having problems finding a vein there are a few things you can try to ...

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Q: How to Make Finding a Vein Easy.
A: 1. Tie a tourniquet on the top of the forearm. It should be tight enough to make a slight indention in the skin, but not too tight where it cuts off the circula... Read More »
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Q: When injection addicts come to hospital,can you sometimes NOT AT ...
A: I've treated some junkies who were quite adept at accessing internal jugulars and subclavians, too. Where there's a will, there's a way. If you get right down t... Read More »
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