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How to Find the Radius of an Arc
In high school geometry, you will study arcs, or segments of a circle. No matter what the size of the arc is, you can use it to determine the radius and size of the circle to which the arc belongs. This skill is useful for construction and engineering... More »
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Radius of an Arc or Arch - Math Open Reference


Finding the radius of an arc or circle segment given its height and width. This is often used to find the radius of an arch.

Calculator for Radius of an Arc - Handy Math


Calculates the radius of an arc when the width and height of the arc are given. The length of the arc and the angle subtended by the arc (not shown in figure) are ...

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Radius of an arc - Centrale des maths


I need to find the equation for finding the radius of an arc; I know the lenght of the arc (i.e the distance of the line connecting the two ends of the arc) and the ...

How to Find the Radius and Angle of an Arc - Had2Know


how to figure the angle and radius of a given arc...geometry and trigonometry in shop math, physics, circular arc constructions...

Arc Length and Radian Measure - Regents Exam Prep Center




central angle calculator, arc length calculator, radius calculator, trigonometry.

Radius Calculator | Radius Track


Purpose: To determine the linear footage (arc length) for a specific curved ... Determining the Cord Height on a Curved Door or Window: For an arched door or ...

Circle Arc Equations Formulas Geometry Calculator - Radius


Geometry calculator solving for circle radius given arc length and central angle.