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How to Find Sums of Digits
The sum of digits, also termed arithmetically as digit sum, is simply a sum of all the digits constituting a number. The only catch is that if the sum of digits constituting a number is a number that is greater than nine, then the digits of this number... More »
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Digit sum


In mathematics, the digit sum of a given integer is the sum of all its digits (e.g.: the digit sum of 84001 is calculated as 8+4+0+0+1 = 13). Digit sums are most often ...

Digit Sum Arithmetic


This material examines the arithmetic of digit sums. Some of the relationships are merely interesting, others are simply amazing. First some definitions are ...

The Digit Sums for Multiples of Numbers


Less well known is that the sum of digits of multiples of other numbers have .... of finding the decimal representation of a number is that the k-th power digit for a ...

Going back to our earlier example, calculate the depreciation charges of a building that cost $1,365,820 to build, has a salvage value of $25,390, and an estimated useful life of 30 years, using the Sum of the Years Digits method. More »
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Add digits of number in c | Programming Simplified


C program to add digits of a number: Here we are using modulus ... C program to find sum of digit of an integer which does not use modulus operator.

Calculate Digit Sum - Rechneronline


Calculates digit sum and iterated digit sum of one or more numbers or a whole text.

Sum the digits of a number - python - Stack Overflow


If I want to find the sum of the digits of a number, i.e. : Input: 932; Output: 14 , which is (9 + 3 + 2). What is the fastest way of doing this?

Write ac program to find out sum of digit of given number


2. C program for sum of digits of a number. 3. C program to calculate sum of digits . #include<stdio.h>. int main(){. int num,sum=0,r;. printf("Enter a number: ");.

Sum of numbers and/or digits 1-100 - Math Forum - Ask Dr. Math


How would one go about adding up all the digits 1-100? ... In general to find the sum of all the numbers from 1 to N: 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + . . . . + N = (1 ...

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Q: Find the sum of the digit of a number?
A: for (sum=0; n!=0;) sum+=n%10, n /= 10; Read More »
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Q: Find the sum of the digit?
A: Question not clear. Source(s) http://www.wincowalker.com/. Read More »
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Q: find the sum of the digits in the number 100?
A: Um.Like really.Wait one sec.I have to get my dog. *Walks away to get dog* Me: Hey dog what are the sum of the digits in the number 100. Dog: Bark. Me: OMG You a... Read More »
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Q: How do you find the sum of a two digit addends?
A: It involves lots of carrying : Ok, here's how: Imagine you have the problem 20+10. You might automatically know that the answer is 30, but I'll show you how. Li... Read More »
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Q: Write A Program To Reverse And Find The Sum Of Individual Digits ...
A: Main() { int x,r=0,sum=0; { x=1234; while(x>0) r=x%10; sum=sum+r; x=x/10; } } Anonymous Read More »
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