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Cirrina or Cirrata is a suborder and one of the two main divisions of octopuses. Cirrate ... †Pohlsepia (incertae sedis); Genus †Proteroctopus (incertae sedis); Genus †Styletoctopus (incertae sedis); Suborder Cirrina: finned deep-sea octopus.


Grimpoteuthis, also called Dumbo Octopus, is a genus of pelagic umbrella octopus that live in the deep sea. .... Jump up ^ "Finned Deep-sea Octopuses".


Find out what's known about Finned Deep-sea Octopuses, Grimpoteuthis spp., Cephalopoda, Octopoda, Opisthoteuthidae, including their world range and ...


Apr 26, 2013 ... Down in the dark depths of the deep ocean live more than a dozen species of " Dumbo" octopuses. These octopods from the genus ...


Explore Finned Deep, Sea Octopuses, and more! ..... Red octopus no.10 - Vintage style A3 plus sized Poster Wall Art - sea life print SPP034. vintage style A3 ...


Dec 29, 2013 ... Despite this we probably have a limited understanding of the real diversity of deep-sea octopus species, largely because of the limited ...


Grimpoteuthis spp, are known as the deepest living of all octopus species. ... ( 9800 to 13000 ft), with some living as deep as 7,000 m (23000 ft) below sea level .


Jun 4, 2015 ... One of the rare finned octopods known as “Dumbos” collected on the ... Dumbo octopuses, however, like other deep-sea octopuses, have no ...


Little is known about the finned octopuses in the suborder Cirrata as they are found in the deep sea. Voss (1988) describes them as 'soft-bodied, semigelatinous ...


Mar 27, 2017 ... Jellyfish may play a key role in the deep ocean food web.