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Fire ant is the common name for several species of ants in the genus Solenopsis. They are, however, only a minority in the genus, which includes over 200 ...

Top 10 Things you Should Know About Fire Ants


Red Imported Fire Ants are here to stay in the United States. Find out what you should know about these pests.

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Red imported fire ants or Solenopsis invicta are medium-sized red and black colored ants that build mounds of soft soil. Mounds are rarely larger than 18″ in  ...

red imported fire ant - Solenopsis invicta


Two species of fire ants are found in Florida. Most notorious is Solenopsis invicta Buren, the red imported fire ant (RIFA), followed by the much less common ...

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Oct 27, 2014 ... This is opening up a fire ant mound to see how many of these little in size ants are in there. They come pouring out in attack mode if disturbed ...
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Apr 19, 2016 ... Please SUBSCRIBE NOW! http://bit.ly/BWchannel Watch More - http://bit.ly/ BTantattack On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote gets attacked ...

Red Imported Fire Ant Management Guidelines--UC IPM


UC home and landscape guidelines for control of Red Imported Fire Ant.

Fire Ant Information. Got Fire Ants? FireAnt Bite Help.


Fire ants are known for their lively and aggressive behavior, swarming over anyone or anything that disturbs their nest, often attacking wild animals, baby ...

Invasive Species: Animals - Red Imported Fire Ant (Solenopsis invicta)


May 18, 2016 ... A species profile for Red Imported Fire Ant from USDA's National Invasive Species Information Center.

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Fire ants are red-colored insects. A sting from a fire ant delivers a harmful substance, called venom, into your skin. This article is for information only. DO NOT ...

Black Imported Fire Ant
Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Arthropoda Class: Insecta
Order: Hymenoptera Family: Formicidae Genus: Solenopsis
Species: Solenopsis richteri
Black Imported Fire Ants (BIFA), Solenopsis richteri, are a native of South America. The range of these ants in South America extends from northern Argentina throughout Uruguay and into southern Brazil. The species was accidentally... More »
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Fire Ants - Nest in mounds of 1 to 2 feet in diameter and about 1/2-foot high. Large colonies can have up to 250000 workers. Very active and aggressive, they  ...

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Research and management of the fire ant from Texas Agricultural Experiment Station and other sources.

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Red fire ants first arrived in the U.S. in the 1930s, and they can spread like wildfire and even eliminate an animals species in a given area.